Bretman Rock begs fans to stop showing up to his house

YouTube: Bretman Rock

Popular YouTuber and beauty guru Bretman Rock has begged fans to stop turning up at his home and asking for photographs – claiming that he is willing to get the police involved if it continues.

With the beauty and fashion side of YouTube exploding in popularity in recent years, Bretman Rock has vaulted to the forefront – amassing over six million subscribers on his channel, with a further 4.6 million and 14.5 million across Twitter and Instagram respectively. 

That popularity hasn’t been completely positive for the Philippines-born YouTube star though. Back in November, he had to beg fans to stop showing up at his late father’s funeral as many were taking pictures of his family and his father – as well as asking him for photos while he was clearly emotional. Yet, he has had to issue a similar warning only a few months later. 

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Bretman Rock, YouTubeRock has dealt with an invasion of his privacy from fans before.

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The beauty YouTuber revealed that fans had been turning up to his home and asking for photos – with some taking it too far by asking his boyfriend if he is home and even leaving notes on his car.

“Please do not show up at my house and ask me for a picture, especially during this time when everybody is supposed to be motherf**king staying home,” Rock said in an Instagram story post. “Can y’all not do that, please, because next time I really will be calling the motherf**king cops.”

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Bretman added that people turning up at his home was making him “mad” and, again, pleaded with fans to not turn up and invade his privacy – noting that he, himself, wouldn’t do the same thing to someone he was a fan of. 

However, he didn’t rule out socializing with fans altogether. The beauty influencer further noted that it’s fine for fans to come up to him in public – whether it is for a quick hello, a hug, a photo, or anything else – but not his home.

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