TikTok stars Brent & Lexi Rivera mindblown by custom ZHC iPad Pro mural

Instagram: zhcomicart

Zachary ‘ZHC’ Hsieh has become known for his crazy artistic designs on expensive products, gifting his friends cars, clothes and gadgets with their own unique twists. This time, he’s created something incredible for Brent Rivera.

We’ve seen Addison Rae be stunned by a custom Louis Vuitton bag from the artistic YouTuber and MrBeast blown away by a uniquely-customized iPhone 11.

Ever-generous, though, ZHC turned his attention to massive TikTok and YouTube star Brent Rivera, as well as his friends, with an insane iPad Pro mural.

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zhc with dixie damelio and charli damelioInstagram: zhcomicart
ZHC has made custom designs for some of the biggest names on the internet.

You might be wondering what exactly an iPad Pro mural entails, but we can guarantee it’s even more impressive than what you think it might be.

Rather than simply creating a unique design for Rivera and each of his group of friends, ZHC made them all a custom iPad Pro, but designed them so that they could link up and create one long, impressive painting.

They kick off the design by drawing a ribbon interlinking all five iPads, forming the foundation of each design.

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Then, they add some personal touches, such as the seemingly ever-present donut drips, bright colors and space themes that ZHC loves to draw, as well as sneaking the stars’ faces onto animal bodies, such as a lizard or Kermit the Frog.

As you can see, Brent and his crew – sister Lexi, Ben Azelart, Jeremy Hutchins and Lexi Hensler – couldn’t believe what they were seeing when Zach handed them the gifts.

Their minds were blown even further when the iPads were pushed together to reveal the mural, and you can see why – the finished product really was incredible.

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ZHC always manages to keep his gifts looking fresh and new, and to say we’re jealous of all the lucky stars who get gifted his designs is a massive understatement.

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