Shrek superfan splits TikTok with insane forehead ‘tattoo’

Shrek superfan splits TikTok with insane forehead 'tattoo'TikTok: thomsontattoos/Dreamworks

A Shrek superfan has split TikTok with an absurd forehead “tattoo” of the Shrek logo which has many asking if it’s even real.

Tattoos are a near-permanent decision. Thus, when someone gets a rather unordinary piece of art on their body for life, it leaves much of the world in disbelief at their choices. Especially if it’s a large tattoo on your forehead, one highlighting the name of a particular ogre.

A TikToker, Ana Stanskovsky, recently went viral for a fake tattoo of her boyfriend’s name in large font on her forehead, which sparked plenty of debate if it ever is a good idea to get your partner’s name inked. 

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And it seems others are taking inspiration, as a Shrek superfan has stunned TikTok with an insane forehead tattoo, although it’s dubious if this one is real too. 

Posted by TikToker Will Thomson a tattoo artist and self-described “professional roaster”, the clip sees him tattoo a man’s forehead with a massive Shrek logo soundtracked by Smash Mouth’s All-Star, which was of course famously in the first Shrek film. 

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Naturally, this attracted a lot of attention, particularly comments questioning if the Shrek forehead tattoo was real. Not too surprising since TikTok had been recently spoofed by another similar prank. 

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“Surely not?” one commenter wrote in speculation. But others decided to go with the hilarity of the tattoo. “Tattoos are cheaper than therapy,” a viewer joked, with another writing, “Shrek is love, Shrek is life.” 

Unfortunately, Will hasn’t yet confirmed if it truly is a real tattoo, however, his TikTok page is filled with memes and parodies of tattoo advice videos, so the chances of the Shrek tattoo just being a parody are pretty high. 

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