MrBeast goes viral for receiving a gift for a change from YouTuber ZHC

Published: 21/Nov/2019 22:27 Updated: 21/Nov/2019 22:31

by Alan Bernal


Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson and his crew got a special gift from YouTuber Zach ‘ZHC’ Hsieh that set the internet aflame after revealing an incredible (and expensive) work of iPhone artistry.

American YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast is used to giving away lucrative gifts and straight-up bundles of cash at random to people he comes across in his videos.

But ZHC saw a perfect opportunity to make a change of pace by giving back to MrBeast and his friends with a painstaking commission that completely reinvented a set of five brand new iPhone 11 Pro Maxes.

ZHC YouTubeThe artist used everyone from spray paints to fine sharp blades to prepare everything he needed for the custom iPhones.

ZHC is a popular content creator who centers his videos on tutorials, challenges, and experiments all revolving around his talents as an artist.

Taking a charitable approach to his November 20 upload called “Surprising MrBeast With A Custom iPhone 11,” ZHC decided to apply his mastery with the pen to create a collage spanning multiple smartphones in honor of MrBeast – as well as his friends Jake, Garret, Chandler, and Chris.

Putting his own spin on MrBeast’s logo, ZHC recreated the blue beast in an astronaut suit hovering in space.

While the designs were meticulously created to include a starry background, multiple planets and the like, the YouTuber kept to a clean, simple artwork for the phones.

ZHC also included an extra bit of flair to the five phones that truly unifies it as a single masterpiece. When lining up the phones in a particular order, there’s a purple beam that lines up, essentially connecting each of the portraits.

“I’m not sure if you guys noticed this, but if you look closely there’s a purple and pink streak [spanning the phones,]” ZHC said. “Technically, you could say all the phones are one big piece.”

ZHC YouTubeThe complete set of incredible iPhones that were gifted to MrBeast and his friends.

With the help of Garret, the artist got the reactions from MrBeast and his crew as they opened their phones and each was taken aback by what they uncovered.

They weren’t the only ones impressed, as the video quickly got shared to the point of racking up 2 million views in about a day.

Though MrBeast isn’t the type of person to let this act of kindness go unanswered, as it appears he gifted an entire house to a pizza delivery driver, but fans will have to wait until he reveals his philanthropic schemes.


Gamer Dad goes viral after son shares hilariously chaotic Overwatch gameplay

Published: 25/Jan/2021 6:47

by Brad Norton


An extremely energetic parent has gone viral on Twitter for his unique Overwatch playstyle that equates to a real workout while playing as Lucio.

An enthusiastic Dad has been shared all across Twitter for his hilarious reactions while playing Overwatch. He’s not calling enemies out, nor is he getting overly hype with his team.

Instead, this viral video is all about his chaotic movement.

While playing some Deathmatch as Lucio, this parent got all too immersed in the game. Almost every jump, strafe, and dodge was mirrored in real life. 

Just how turning your controller helps turn faster in any game, this Dad took that mantra to an all-new level, applying it to every movement in Overwatch.

As fights came into effect, he was sliding all over the place trying to evade incoming fire. Given that Lucio is one of the most mobile heroes in the game, he was consistently getting into battle and having to reposition.

These weren’t subtle movements either. He was properly moving from side to side, even pushing away from the keyboard and mouse at times. There was rarely a moment where he remained still in front of the monitor.

“My dad plays Overwatch like this,” ‘biggestsonicfan’ said on Twitter. “He jerks around, dodging and peeking around corners. He lifts his mouse a lot. He loses his breath.”

It didn’t take long for social media to explode over the heartwarming video. Hundreds of thousands of views later and gamers from all scenes have chimed in to support the Dad’s efforts. Even Lucio’s voice actor Jonny Cruze caught wind of the viral clip. “He plays Lucio. I am honored.”

There must be some method behind the madness, however. Not only did the Dad secure some kills while in this groove, but they even finished among the top. “That was fun,” he said after the match. “Top four finish!”

Unfortunately, this type of extreme playstyle comes at a cost. “This is chair four,” the son followed up on Twitter. “The carpet under him is completely ripped up, and in the video, you can see light marks on his desk where the chair has dented it.