Danny Gonzalez begs people to stop bizarre TikTok Joker trend

Jacob Hale

[jwplayer ftb8P7Xy]Popular YouTuber Danny Gonzalez has asked TikTok content creators to stop following the bizarre ‘Joker’ trend on the app, with users contorting their faces resulting in strange and uncomfortable videos.

As with any other content platform, TikTok users can get huge by following trends and appealing to what is popular at the time, as evidenced by the increasingly-famous dances and lip-syncing commonly performed by the likes of Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae.

That doesn’t mean, though, that all trends are a good thing, and Danny has found one that has made him (and now his viewers) wildly uncomfortable.

youtuber danny gonzalez with giraffe
Gonzalez has accrued nearly 4m YouTube subscribers with his funny videos and critiques of social media.

In certain corners of TikTok, a ‘Joker’ trend has slowly been emerging, with users contorting their faces and seemingly acting like intimidating superheroes while making what is supposedly a face like the Batman character.

During a video simply titled “Joker TikToks Stop Please,” Danny pleads with two popular TikTok stars – who have almost 14 million followers between them – to stop making the videos, while also asking his viewers not to click off the video because of how “uncomfortable” the viewing is.

Gonzalez calls out the two main creators who popularized the trend, rizxtarr and faraaz_zs, showcasing some clips of them as the Joker and some of the weird things that occur.

In the first clip, you see rizxtarr simply crack his neck and screw his face up, taking on the Joker aesthetic, which would maybe have been fine had it not escalated to whatever it has become since.

Through several TikTok videos, riz and faraaz prevent crime and pick up women when channeling their inner Joker, and Gonzalez is clearly mind blown at how there is supposed to be some correlation between the Tiktokkers’ faces and their new-found abilities.

It’s almost impossible to understand how or why this trend started, or what the intention really is, but there’s obviously enough demand for Joker videos as evidenced by these two creators’ incredible follower counts.

Who knows – maybe most of us are just behind the times on this one, but it’s fair to say that this is pretty out there as far as TikTok content goes.