Breckie Hill clashes with N3on after streamer claims she has “peanut brains”

Josh Taylor
Breckie Hill N3on Kick streamerN3on / Kick

Kick streamer N3on went on a furious rant, where he expressed his opinions surrounding Breckie Hill’s OnlyFans career, as the two argued on stream.

Kick streamer N3on and OnlyFans model Breckie Hill was previously involved in a dispute while broadcasting live after he said he “made sure to spread” her leaked shower video.

Now, just a few days later, he has streamed with her again, as well as fellow model and TikToker Ski Bri and regular collaborator Sneako.

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To no surprise, it was packed full of drama, which led him to break his personal all-time viewership record off the back of it.  At one point, he even accidentally knocked Ski Bri over, but it didn’t stop there.

N3on argues with OnlyFans model Breckie Hill again

The two clashed yet again, where this time he made further comments that were directly towards Breckie Hill and her involvement with OnlyFans.

“I swear to god, blond girls have f**king peanut brains. Is there anything in this head? Is there anything?” N3on said as he pointed towards the model’s head.

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“I had a 4.0 GPA in high school and was accepted into a college with a 19% acceptance rate,” Hill responded.

“Now you post your t**s on OnlyFans. What the f**k happened? You want to go there?” He went on to say.

“I’m not smart. And, I know a lot of my followers think I’m not, but, they don’t know, like, actually how I was. I understand the whole stigma around OnlyFans,” she explained.

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“It’s f**ked! It’s okay, you know. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. I respect it. Oh, she’s about to cry. Oh s**t, I f**ked up! I’m done. I’m sorry,” the streamer responded.

Fellow Kick streamer Adin Ross, has also revealed he takes a large pay cut from N3on’s streaming revenue.

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