Brands are shying away from big YouTubers like Logan Paul, and here's why - Dexerto

Brands are shying away from big YouTubers like Logan Paul, and here’s why

Published: 29/Nov/2018 22:18 Updated: 29/Nov/2018 22:28

by Virginia Glaze


According to ‘Influential’ CEO Ryan Detert, brands are seeking smaller influencers to market their products, choosing to shy away from big-name internet celebs like Logan Paul and PewDiePie.

In an interview with Wired, Detert revealed that metrics and data suggest that companies should work with multiple, “relevant” influencers to advertise their wares, rather than banking on a single star who could potentially ruin their image (a la Logan Paul’s suicide forest scandal).

“…at the same time… brands started asking themselves ‘Why would I pick one big name that’s going to screw me over a few months down the line?’” Detert stated. “It’s now jumped to the point where literally every kind of brand… has embraced the idea of working with more influencers of smaller size.”

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Wired went on to state that brands now choose influencers from a series of categories dependant on their following, including macro influencers, micro influencers, and nano influencers. Additionally, ‘Tongal’ president James DeJulio held that using smaller influencers helps promotions to feel more “authentic,” rather than forced.

“It’s like buying something from your local hardware store,” DeJulio claimed.


Furthermore, brands have found that working with smaller influencers is generally easier than wrangling big-name stars, according to a source Wired cited as ‘Lennon.’

“Micro influencers are also willing to do more for less and deliver on more of the asks than larger names,” Lennon claimed.

While the likes of Logan Paul and PewDiePie continue to flourish despite their past controversies, it looks like brands aren’t willing to shoulder the potential risk, and are moving on to smaller pastures instead.


NELK Boys trolled Khabib and got Dana White drunk ahead of UFC 254

Published: 29/Oct/2020 5:43

by Brad Norton


The NELK Boys were invited to Fight Island in Abu Dhabi ahead of UFC 254 and it didn’t take long before they had trolled Pay Per View headliner Khabib Nurmagomedov along with UFC President Dana White.

The NELK Boys are known for their antics so Dana White was well aware of what he was getting into by inviting them to Fight Island. Abu Dhabi served as host to a huge slate of UFC events throughout the course of September and October, closing out the latest stint with UFC 254.

The October 24 PPV made waves due to undefeated Nurmagomedov’s shock retirement after his 29th consecutive win. However, the NELK Boys made waves in their own way with a brand-new video.

Up to their usual antics, the crew played pranks on each other while mixing it up with UFC fighters. Outside of their shoey with Aussie heavyweight Tai Tuivasa, the NELK Boys trolled The Eagle and even got Dana White drunk.


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In a rare interaction with Khabib prior to what would be his final fight, they pranked him by asking for oddly specific MMA advice. “What is the most important aspect of fighting for any beginner fighter to focus on?” Kyle Forgeard asked.

Before Khabib could even answer, the plot thickened. Forgeard joked that the reason behind his interest in MMA is to fight the BMF Champ Jorge Masvidal after he slept with his girlfriend. “How old are you?” Khabib responded, going along with the joke. 

Realizing that he’s too old to start training, he had another solution in mind. “I think you have to buy [a] dog.” With a dog by his side, that might be Forgeard’s only chance, according to Khabib.

Next on the itinerary was to get the UFC President completely wasted. While they downed a few shots at the very beginning of the day, the real party came later that night. “I’ve got weigh-ins at 11 AM tomorrow,” White joked before taking another shot.

“Our goal is for Dana to not make it to the weigh-ins,” Forgeard said. Ultimately, that didn’t quite come to fruition but it’s clear they got him rather drunk. “We did like eight or 12 [shots] right in a row.”

The weigh-ins went off without a hitch and so too did the PPV event the following day. It was a short-lived trip for the NELK Boys on Fight Island, though it was one that proved all too valuable for some content.

This particular video ended with a teaser of what’s to come for the content creating crew too; it appears as though a call with the United States President is in store, courtesy of Dana White.