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BlocBoy JB decides to sue Epic Games for Fortnite ‘Hype’ emote

Published: 23/Jan/2019 23:24 Updated: 3/Apr/2019 20:31

by Virginia Glaze


American rapper James ‘BlocBoy JB’ Baker has moved forward with a lawsuit against Fortnite developers Epic Games, after calling out the company for using his ‘Shoot’ dance in an emote nearly six months prior.

According to documentation acquired by TMZ, BlocBoy is in the process of copyrighting the dance, which he claims was used without permission by Epic Games for its ‘Hype’ emote.

BlocBoy’s lawsuit follows a Tweet he posted in September of 2018, where the rapper called out Epic for not giving him credit for the dance.

“Every time somebody does my dance, they give credit to Fortnite, but they ain’t create nothing but the game,” BlocBoy wrote of the situation. “So basically, they takin’ money and credit for my shit. That’s crazy.”

While he considered suing the company later on in December, it appears that BlocBoy has decided to move forward with the suit – along with a number of other celebs.

Epic Games have since been hit with a slew of lawsuits from multiple celebrities and internet personalities, including the likes of Fresh Prince actor Alfonso Ribeiro, rapper Terrence ‘2 Milly’ Ferguson, and Instagram sensation Ryan ‘Backpack Kid’ Huggins.

However, a few of these lawsuits are being highly contested by onlookers, after footage surfaced of another possible origin of the ‘Floss’ dance.

Additionally, investigators discovered that Ribeiro admitted he had stolen his famous “Carlton” dance from actors Will Smith and Courteney Cox in an interview with TMZ, leading to mass speculation that the actor’s lawsuit may not hold up in court.


Millie Bobby Brown has deleted her TikTok, and nobody knows why

Published: 30/Nov/2020 7:09

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Millie Bobby Brown deleted her TikTok account without an explanation, and although her fans can understand why, they’ve been left wondering what the reason might be.

Millie Bobby Brown exploded in popularity after all the success of Stranger Things in the past few years. However, fans have been drawn to her bright and bubbly personality too, and she’s developed a big presence on social media

Millie Bobby Brown has almost 40 million followers on Instagram. It was always her biggest platform. However, her TikTok was incredibly popular too. It featured all kinds of content, including clips of her singing, dancing, and recreating viral trends like a normal teenager.

Strangely, she has now deleted her TikTok, and nobody knows why. It came as a huge surprise of her millions of followers, and many are left wondering if and when she’ll return to the video-sharing platform.


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Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. Still, that hasn’t stopped her fans from speculating about some of the reasons why she might have disabled her account, which had around 16.2 million followers, and 158.4 million clip likes.

They’ve suggested everything from avoiding toxicity and needing space to more specific issues like being bombarded with homophobic memes.

It’s impossible to know for sure, but whatever her reason might be, it’s certainly understandable. For all we know, she might have watched The Social Dilemma and decided to cut back on screen time.

It’s not the first time Brown has deleted a social media account either. She deleted her Twitter account all the way back in 2018 due to a series of “disgusting” memes, and she may very well have done the same this time around too.


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There are many reasons why Millie Bobby Brown might have deleted her TikTok. But in the end, it doesn’t change the fact that she has deleted it, and it’s a decision that her fans may need to support.

Of course, her TikTok videos will be sorely missed. They always managed to brighten people’s days.

Still, it’s important to remember there’s an actual person behind the spotlight. She can do whatever she wants with her accounts, without explaining it to anyone.