Blac Chyna walks out of Adam 22’s No Jumper podcast after just 18 mins

Jacob Hale
Adam22 and Blac Chyna on No Jumper podcast

US rapper and model Blac Chyna left her mark on the No Jumper podcast when she walked out of her interview with host Adam22 just 18 minutes in, following one of the most awkward interviews you’ll see.

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Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison has made a name for himself on YouTube by interviewing some of the biggest underground rappers of the modern day, ranging from the late XXXTentacion and Juice WRLD to Young Thug and even FaZe Banks.

As a result, he’ll have met some interesting characters and controversial people in his time running No Jumper, but he might never have had an interview as awkward as his latest with Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna, real name Angela White, appeared on the podcast to talk about her new musical endeavors, but it quickly took a turn.

Adam (right) has worked with some massive artists prior to their launch to fame, including the late Juice WRLD (pictured left).

It was immediately apparent from the first question that something was off, as Adam awkwardly tried to get his questions out and was met with one-word answers, if they were answered at all.

After increasingly awkward responses from Blac Chyna, what finally pushed Chyna too far was a question about rapper-turned-Twitch star Soulja Boy, when she decided she had had enough.

“Guess what?” she asked Adam after less than 18 minutes. “I’m out… You keep being weird. It’s just weird. I’m out.”

Chyna walks out at 17:20

Obviously, Chyna wasn’t a massive fan of the line of questioning, but one other issue appeared to crop up, too: the bathroom.

After referencing the No Jumper podcast’s “dirty-a*s bathroom” once or twice, Adam posted a picture of the facilities at the studio, calling it “the bathroom that Blac Chyna refuses to use and eventually walked out over.”

It’s unclear whether the bathroom specifically was the biggest issue for the artist, or the questions that she quite obviously wasn’t happy with, but we can safely assume that she won’t be looking to appear on the No Jumper podcast again any time soon.