Rapper Polo G roasts Tony Lopez over TikTok dances “ruining” songs

Jacob Hale
Tony Lopez and Polo GInstagram: lopez_tony, polo.capalot

Chicago rapper Polo G has roasted TikTok star Tony Lopez after a conversation about how TikTok can “ruin” songs.

Tony Lopez is one of the biggest creators on TikTok, as a member of the Hype House with around 22.4 million followers to his name, and his exuberant dancing style has occasionally made him somewhat of a meme to those uninitiated to the TikTok sphere.

That said, Lopez probably didn’t expect to find popular rapper Polo G roasting him for one of his dances.

Tony Lopez posing on bedInstagram: lopez_tony
Lopez has become massively popular thanks to his dancing videos — but obviously, not everyone’s a fan.

After asking his followers how TikTok could ruin a song, one user responded saying that the sounds become overplayed and people do “cringe dances” to them.

This was followed up with a video of Lopez dancing to Lil Baby’s ‘We Paid’, which became popular on the app with many users choreographing dances to it.

After watching Tony’s flamboyant dancing and movement, Polo G had obviously seen enough, obviously not impressed with what he had seen.

“OK, I see now,” he said, with a laughing emoji. “I mean, this don’t ruin it but come the f**k on.”

Polo G clearly hasn’t been well-exposed to some of the eccentricities of TikTok and the dances and videos that occupy it, but his songs have seen a lot of success and popularity on the platform, too.

‘Go Stupid’ is one that has been used extensively on TikTok, with even the likes of Addison Rae making use of it to her almost 60 million followers.

Obviously, a lot of songs have been popularized on a wider scale thanks to their use on TikTok — but Polo G might prefer different ways for his and his peers’ works to be celebrated on the app.

Lopez might have more on his mind right now, though, after accusations were mounted against him in August suggesting that he has engaged in inappropriate messaging with minors.