Why was Belle Delphine ‘arrested’? It involves a hamster, apparently

Belle Delphine, Twitter

Cosplay model Belle Delphine broke her social media silence earlier this week to seemingly confirm h3h3 star Ethan Klein’s outlandish theory that the internet sensation was in trouble with the police, before expanding on the details of her “arrest.”

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The former Instagram star became world-famous by selling her bathwater to “thirsty gamers” for $30 a pop, and then by the tub, before she vanished entirely two weeks after her ban from the social media platform on July 17.

She was soon left in hot bath water when her Patreon supporters revealed she had not delivered on her promises, just weeks after teasing her supporters with “extra good” upcoming content. Now it seems she’s revealed the reasons behind her disappearance.

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Belle Delphine, TwitterBelle returned to social media this week with a mugshot and an explanation.
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Belle Delphine explains why she was “arrested”

“Istg (swear to god) this girl came to my party and stole my hamster,” Delphine revealed on Twitter on October 7. “I have no idea why, or who TF does that? I spray painted the f*ck out of her car, and got arrested. At least I got my hamster back. B*tch.”

Alongside her explanation, the cosplay star posted four images that seemed to verify her story, including two photos of the alleged thief’s car covered in paint and the words “B*tch give my hamster back,” and a photo of the hamster in question.

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Belle also attached a screenshot of a conversation between herself and the person that she alleges stolen her hamster during a house party. The former Instagram starlet messaged the suspected thief, and asked if they had her pet.

“Lol what are you talking about, I didn’t take your hamster,” the stranger replied, and laughed off Belle’s suggestions that multiple people had accused her of taking the furry pet. Belle replied with a second screenshot in-text, and it seemed the ‘thief’ blocker her after that.

BELLE DELPHINE, TwitterThe cosplay star exploded in popularity after selling jars and tubs of Gamer Girl Bathwater.
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Was Belle really arrested?

Considering the high-intensity hamster rescue story comes just days after Klein’s theory the star was potentially facing criminal charges, and the mugshot she shared doesn’t exist anywhere else on the internet, many have taken the 19-year-old’s story with a grain of salt.

There is also a chance that the conspiracy theory rolled out on the h3h3 podcast was drummed up in collaboration with Belle herself, or was at least shared ahead of time, as Klein commented “Great job Belle, keep it up. Proud of you,” just minutes after she posted.

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Whether or not Belle’s tale of hamster rescue and paint-coated cars is true, it does seem like the starlet is stepping back into the internet spotlight for the first time since early August.

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Considering she still boasts more than 2,000 followers on Patreon despite her inactivity, it seems like she hasn’t lost her moment of fame just yet — now the internet will just be waiting with bated breath to see what the pink-haired personality does next.