Will Belle Delphine ever be unbanned on Instagram?

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Belle Delphine became an internet sensation in early July when she announced that she would be selling her bath water to “thirsty fans”, but following her Instagram ban, will her fans ever see her back on the social media platform?

The starlet’s decision to bottle and sell her bath water may have raised a few eyebrows when announced, but it was a clear success, propelling her to the top of social media as hundreds of thousands searched to find out more about the 19-year-old.

Delphine completely vanished from Instagram on Friday, July 19, and almost a week later, there is still no word on whether she will be allowed to return. Will she be unbanned from Instagram? Here’s everything we know.

Belle Delphine/InstagramDelphine’s Instagram was banned on July 19.

Why was Belle Delphine banned from Instagram?

News of Delphine’s Instagram ban first surfaced on July 19, with posts on Reddit confirming that her account had been taken down following reports about her content.

Delphine’s account was packed with lewd content as she promoted her Patreon account, and when the account was reported for hosting “nudity and pornographic content,” Instagram agreed that the account violated their Community Guidelines, and banned it. 

Reddit: /u/FaintedTreeckoDelphine’s Instagram was reported for nudity and pornographic content.

Is Belle Delphine permanently banned from Instagram?

Neither Delphine nor Instagram have addressed whether the ban placed on the account is temporary or permanent, but most bans for nudity or pornographic content are permanent pending an appeal.

Temporary bans typically last 24-48 hours, but with the 19-year-old’s account still locked five days later, it seems likely that her account won’t be automatically reinstated any time soon.

Will Belle Delphine be able to appeal her ban?

While Delphine’s ban appears to be permanent, she is able to appeal her suspension if she feels that she has been unfairly treated, or that her content has been misidentified as guideline-breaking.

Delphine has the option to appeal the ban both inside the application itself, or through Instagram’s website, but whether she has chosen to is unknown.

With her account boasting over four million followers at the time of its ban, Delphine will be anxious to regain access to her original account, but it is possible that Instagram decline the appeal.

Twitter: Belle DelphineDelphine’s Instagram is well-known for it’s lewd content.

Has Belle Delphine discussed her Instagram ban?

The 19-year-old’s YouTube and Twitter accounts remain online, but Delphine has maintained radio silence on all platforms, deciding not to address her ban in any capacity, although Dexerto have reached out to her for comment.

Whether Delphine will return to the platform or not remains unknown, but be sure to check back here at Dexerto as we keep you updated on the latest news as it becomes available.

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