PewDiePie teases new song and it could be another diss track

YouTube: PewDiePie / Pixabay

During his October 7 episode of ‘Last Week I Asked You’, YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg shocked his audience when he teased a brand new diss track.

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PewDiePie is continuing to take a break from his wildly popular Minecraft series, as he is currently on vacation in Japan after revealing he bought a house there on September 30.

As he’s not in his normal filming setup, the Swede has been doing his beloved reaction style videos instead, where he looks at memes fans submitted on his subreddit. During his October 7 episode, he dropped another surprise announcement.

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YouTube: PewDiePieThe Swede dropped a monster diss track in 2018 against his YouTube rival T-Series, and it became a pop culture phenomenon.
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PewDiePie teases a new diss track

The YouTube king reacted to a meme about his iconic ‘B*tch Lasagna’ diss track which he created at the height of his feud with T-Series – an India-based corporation which he battled with for the most subscribers on YouTube.

The submission pointed out how the song amassed 220 million views in just over a year. “Dammmn! Has it been one year!? Don’t worry gamers, I have a new song coming!” Pewds revealed, as he pointed directly into the camera.

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He then followed up with another tease: “And it’s going to make B*tch Lasagna look like a b*tch… Lasagna. That’s all I can say right now!”

(Timestamp of 01:01 for mobile viewers.)

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While it’s not entirely clear whether he was joking, it wouldn’t be a shock if the Swede decided to drop another song when his two diss tracks ‘B*tch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’ did insanely well.

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In fact, the two songs have brought in over 368 million views combined, and were a pop culture phenomenon, making the T-Series vs PewDiePie feud one of the most memorable moments of 2018.

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While PewDiePie has taken a temporary break from his Minecraft uploads, his reaction series such as ‘PewNews’, ‘Meme Review’, and ‘LIWAY’ have long been staples of his channel before he jumped into the popular sandbox title.

His reaction videos continue to bring in over five million views an upload, and according to Social Blade, has not slowed down his channel’s growth at all.

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As of the time of this article, PewDiePie has 101 million subscribers, breaking his 100 million YouTube milestone on August 25

If and when he drops another diss track, it is sure to set the internet on fire again.

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