Belle Delphine reveals return to Instagram after ban in exclusive Patreon post

Belle Delphine/Instagram

Belle Delphine, the controversial lewd model who made international headlines in July 2019 for selling her bathwater to thirsty fans online is teasing a return to Instagram after being banned from the platform. 

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In an August 1 Patreon post, Belle said she had planned to go away for two weeks because she hadn’t taken a break since she began working on her Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube last year. 

“As soon as I planned to go away my Instagram was removed, I am in contact with Instagram at the moment and it appears to be a technical issue which they are working on!” Delphine revealed. 

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The 19-year-old was banned on Instagram July 19 for breaching their Community Guidelines. Posts on Reddit showed screengrabs of a user reporting Delphine’s Instagram account for containing nudity and pornographic content.

Belle revealed that until the “technical issue” is fixed, she’s going to be making a new Instagram account for her fans to follow. 

Instagram: Belle DelphineBelle Delphine is an online celebrity.
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The Gamer Girl Bath Water entrepreneur also explained that she had food poisoning in Greece, ended up going to a hospital and spent a few days recovering. She got home on July 31 and is only starting to eat again now.

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Delphine’s rise to internet stardom began in March of 2018 when she began posting “lewds” on her Patreon. 

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On July 1 2019, Belle launched an online store which included the infamous “Gamer Girl Bath Water” which retailed for $30 a jar.

When the bath water sold out, Delphine proceeded to sell an entire tub’s worth for $10,000. 

As of this posting, the Brit has 2,990 Patrons with the cheapest tier being  bronze at $1 a month and the most being God at $2,500. 

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BelleDelphineStore.comBelle Delphine’s Gamer Girl Bath Water listing.
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Delphine concluded her August 1 Patreon post revealing that new content is coming “tomorrow”, August 2.

“I want to make this month an extra good month for all of you to show you just how much I love and appreciate everything you have all done for me,” Belle’s post ended. 

It will be interesting to see what Delphine has up her sleeve this month and if she can wind up breaking the internet once again. 

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