Bella Poarch exposes Griffin Johnson for trying to slide into her DMs

Bella Poarch Griffin JohnsonInstagram: Griffin Johnson/ Instagram: Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch has revealed that Sway boy Griffin Johnson once tried to slide into her DMs after being tagged in the ‘2 truths and a lie’ trend on TikTok.

Bella Poarch shot to fame after her ‘M to the B video’ became the most liked video on the app, cementing her as one of the platform’s biggest stars, and now it looks like she’s getting even more attention from other famous creators.

After she was tagged in a video by Addison Rae, Bella Poarch took part in the “2 truths and a lie trend”, revealing three different things that could be true and gradually revealing the lie.

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Bella’s three options were “Griffin Johnson tried to slide into my DMs,” “I made a sex tape with Tyga,” and “I’m adopted.” The mention of Tyga refers to a rumor in September 2020 that the pair made an NSFW video together after they collaborated in a couple of TikToks, which, according to her newest post, is definitely a lie.

However, fans were bowled over at this new information that Griffin had tried to chat up Bella. In the past, the former boyfriend of Dixie D’Amelio was mocked by the host of Call Her Daddy podcast Alex Cooper for also trying to slide into her DMs on Twitter.

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Griffin responded on Twitter saying “Confirmed that I slid into Bella Poarch’s DMs,” but later clarified with a screenshot that all he said to her was “I like your style.”

Thankfully there are no hard feelings between the pair; Griffin commented on the video “What’s good,” and Bella playfully replied, “Thank u, next.”

Griffin has clearly tried to shoot his shot, and though unsuccessful so far, perhaps he’ll have a little more luck in the rest of the coming year.

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