Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper roasts Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, more

Call Her Daddy's Alex Cooper roasts sway house boysInstagram: Alex Cooper/ Instagram: Josh Richards

Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper has brutally roasted every member of TikTok’s Sway house, revealing that Griffin Johnson tried to hit on her and describing Bryce Hall as “like Sid from Ice Age.”

Alex Cooper, the host of popular podcast Call Her Daddy, was an exclusive guest on BFFs with Josh Richards and Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy this week. In a bid to combine the world’s of “Daddy Gang” and TikTok, Dave asked Alex to rank the Sway boys.

Despite having millions of followers for their chiseled abs and bad-boy personas, Alex hilariously roasted every member of the TikTok Sway House, starting with Griffin Johnson, the ex-boyfriend of Dixie D’Amelio, who she revealed had slid into her DMs to say “Yo,” sending Josh and Dave into fits of laughter.

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Josh joined in, adding: “The fact that he’s been hitting the gym. Now he thinks he can just say ‘Yo.’” Griffin went on to confirm in a tweet that he did, in fact, try to message Alex Cooper, but that it was a “failed mission.”

Sway LA TikTok Triller house collectiveInstagram: Sway LA
Alex Cooper said she thought the Sway boys worked out too much

Alex said she felt that he, along with the rest of the Sway household, were too jacked, and looked like they had no lives aside from working out and drinking protein shakes. “I think that they’re just overdoing the lifting. If a guy has that much on his body, It’s like you don’t really make money and you don’t have a job.

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She also roasted Blake Gray’s hairstyle who just dyed his hair from jet black to bleach blonde, and said “the blonde is just not f****** working for him and he has to go back to black immediately.”

After that, she even explained that she texted his girlfriend, Amelie Zilber, to give her relationship advice.

Topic starts at 23:35 in the podcast below.

When it came to Bryce Hall, Alex said: “It’s not bad, I’m not being an asshole, just like no” before adding “he’s not my cup of tea…he looks like he resembles Sid from Ice Age.”

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Eventually, she ranked Josh Richards on top, but claimed it was because he was a co-host on the BFFs podcast, she ranked Griffin second because he has “nice eyes,” but decided that she couldn’t stand Noah Beck, saying “I can’t stand when people fake relationships for the internet.”