Banned streamer in tears over alleged lack of consistency from Twitch - Dexerto

Banned streamer in tears over alleged lack of consistency from Twitch

Published: 14/Oct/2019 23:40 Updated: 15/Oct/2019 12:07

by Brad Norton


An up-and-coming streamer has broken down and expressed her frustration at the “inconsistency” of  Fortnite-related dancing broadcasts, ExoHydraX was recently met with a permanent ban on Twitch after an accidental clothing mishap among other suggestive clips that teased the line between suitable and unsafe for the platform. 

With recent examples of notorious streamers being allowed to remain on Twitch, despite similar violations of the community guidelines and terms of service, ExoHydraX was quick to voice her displeasure.

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Following the Twitch ban, ExoHydraX took to YouTube on October 11 to address her audience and convey her disappointment.

Discussing the specific situation that led to the ban, she revealed that a select group of hateful individuals were targeting her stream and mass reporting with the intention of getting her removed from the platform.


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“Somebody can be so f*cking mean and they can get away with it,” the streamer said, explaining how unfair it is that others on the platform can be negative and hurl abuse at streamers with little to no consequence.

“These people were saying terrible sh*t and they mass reported me like…I don’t want to f*cking cry,” she expressed. “ It’s not even me getting banned, it’s not even just that, it’s the fact that these were the people that reported me and I just feel like they won.”

Discussion begins at the 9:35 mark for mobile users.


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This particular incident sparked a massive debate within the streaming community as to just how inconsistent the application of Twitch guidelines have been in the past.

Reddit user ‘SpareUser3’ stated, “I don’t give a sh*t if they ban suggestive content, and I don’t give a sh*t if they don’t. I think we all just want some consistency across the board and apparently that’s too much to ask for.”

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“That pisses me off, I’m so sorry for crying. When I think about that it just really pisses me off,”  ExoHydraX concluded as she moved on to other topics and tried to make the most of her first full broadcast on YouTube.


Not the only banned Twitch streamer to recently switch platforms, Matthew ‘Dellor’ Vaughan was met with a great deal of success upon his transition to YouTube. Perhaps the community will support ExoHydraX just the same following the Twitch backlash.