Banks responds to claims that FaZe Clan broke the law by signing H1ghSky1

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Banks / YouTube

FaZe Clan co-owner Ricky ‘Banks‘ Banks has denied claims that the organization broke the law by signing Fortnite streamer H1ghsky1, despite reportedly only being 11-years-old – not 13 as originally claimed.

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Since the revelation that the player and organization allegedly lied about his age, H1ghsky1’s Twitch and Twitter accounts have both been suspended, with the age requirement for both websites at 13.

The young streamer is now broadcasting live on YouTube instead – although his mother must always be present in the room.

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[ad name=”article2″]FaZe ClanH1ghsky1 was reportedly only 11 when he signed for FaZe – under the required age for both Twitter and Twitch.

The allegations about H1ghsky1’s real age originally came from Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan, which was included as supporting evidence that the organization was not being run in a professional manner.

Tfue‘s lawsuit claims that FaZe pressured the then 11-year-old aspiring pro player, and his family, into lying about his age, in order to secure his signature.

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However, in a series of Tweets on June 10, Banks denies that any of their dealings with H1ghsky1 were unlawful, after KEEMSTAR was willing to bet $10,000 that no laws had been broken.

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Banks calls Highsky1 deal “bulletproof”

KEEMSTAR had been arguing with Fortnite YouTuber ‘The Fortnite Guy’ over FaZe Clan’s recruitment of the player, and Tfue’s decision to make the allegations initially.

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Banks also responded, distancing FaZe Clan’s involvement in H1ghsky1’s decision to stream on Twitch, and once again reaffirming that no laws had been broken.

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When challenged on H1ghsky1’s plan to represent FaZe at the World Cup (which players must also be at least 13 to take part in), Banks said that ultimately it was up to the player’s parents.

Finally, the FaZe co-owner reveals that competing organizations, including Team SoloMid, where also attempting to secure H1ghsky1’s signature, and that if it wasn’t them to sign the young star, it would have been another brand.

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The North American team also have another lawsuit from 2018 still ongoing, as failed social media platform Hubrick is apparently seeking over $1 million in damages, after FaZe members allegedly raided their corporate offices in the night.

H1ghsky1’s future with FaZe Clan is now unclear, although with the Tfue and Hubrick lawsuits looming overhead, he isn’t even the biggest of the organization’s problems.

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