FaZe H1ghSky1 joins YouTube streaming after Twitch ban, but there’s a catch

David Purcell

Fortnite Battle Royale player H1ghSky1 has started to broadcast his content on YouTube, after being outed as too young to stream on Twitch. 

The gamer’s age has proved to be a controversial topic since Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney included details of the youngster being pressured into lying about being a 13-year-old during his lawsuit against the organization

Evidence emerged that suggested the player was actually only aged 11 when he signed his deal with FaZe, and H1ghSky1 has since apologized for the lie – claiming that the real age was holding him back. 

FaZe ClanH1ghSky1 wasted little time, jumping right back into the streaming game a day after his Twitch ban.

Twitch appeared to have deleted the account that the player used to broadcast from on June 5, after he broke their terms of service. In order to stream on the platform, the minimum age is 13. 

Despite that huge setback, though, he’s started to stream on YouTube just a day later, under adult supervision. 

His mother was seen watching him play Fortnite Battle Royale on June 5, where he discussed his ban directly. 

“I’m back. I’m now streaming on YouTube and my Twitch account was suspended due to me being underage and yes I am 12,” he said during the livestream. “I only lied so that I could fulfill my dream.” 

(Timestamp at 2:38 below)

“I’m sorry. I had to lie. I was too young and it held me back. I just couldn’t wait two more years,” H1ghSky1 added, claiming that he was using his brother’s Twitch account to stream. 

The FaZe Clan player will continue to stream on YouTube for the time being, with his mom watching on, presumably until he is old enough to create an account for himself on Twitch. 

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