Asmongold viewers stunned after he uses machete to unbox new Starforge PC

Asmongold opening new PC with macheteTwitch: Asmongold

Twitch streamer Asmongold had everyone’s hearts in their mouth when he decided to use a very sharp machete to open his new Starforge Systems gaming PC.

Popular streaming organization OTK surprised fans back in August 2022 when it announced it was teaming up with Moistcr1TiKaL to create PC Gaming building company Starforge Systems.

Although, there have been some bumps in the road, as the company received heavy backlash over the cost of its products causing the team to quickly work on reducing its prices.

So it’s no surprise that when OTK co-founder Asmongold brought out a machete to unbox his new and expensive Starforge PC, fans were worried. Of course, do not try this at home.

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Asmongold pulls out machete during livestream

Asmongold was opening up his new Starforge Systems PC during his livestream on August 1. After having trouble using scissors, he decided to use his machete instead.

Although it actually worked well, many viewers were terrified as he cut through the box using the large knife and even nearly cut through his desk chair.

As the clip made its way to Twitter, Starforge Systems thanked Asmongold “for showing everyone how not to open their new Starforge Systems computer!”

Viewers were understandably shocked by the move wondering if this what always happens when fans buy a Starforge PC. As one fan claimed: “If you buy the most expensive one, Asmon should arrive to open it with the most impractical and dangerous tool he can find in your home.”

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Although, another fan wasn’t surprised to see Asmongold weilding such a weapon given his MMORPG background: “You would think with all the time spent playing a warrior he would be able to wield a blade much better than that.”

Asmongold did manage to successfully unbox the PC using the bizarre method. However, viewers are still urged not to try this at home.