Asmongold reveals issues with panic attacks after hospital visit delays stream

Dylan Horetski
Asmongold Twitch

Twitch star Asmongold has revealed that he’s been having issues with panic attacks after a visit to the hospital to get checked out ended up delaying a recent stream.

With over 3.4 million followers on Twitch and millions more across social media and YouTube, there’s no doubt that Asmongold is one of the most popular content creators on the internet.

The star is also a co-owner of OTK Network, a group of content creators who collab together for major events like the OTK Games Expo and more.

During his stream on May 24, Asmongold revealed that he’s been having issues with panic attacks so much that he had to go to the hospital.

Asmongold reveals issues with panic attacks, assures he’s okay

During his broadcast, Asmongold revealed the issues he’s been having with anxiety over the last few weeks that have impacted his stream schedule.

“You know how my streams have been late, just getting later in the day?” he asked. “The reason why is that I’ve been having a lot of really bad f*ckin anxiety and stupid sh*t. In the process of that, I had convinced myself that there was something wrong with me.”

“I actually woke up in time to stream the PlayStation Showcase and I put my hand on my neck and felt like there was something weird on my neck and had a panic attack. I actually went to the emergency room and [they said] it’s all in my head. I’m fine.”

Asmongold went on to assure fans that he’s okay, and feeling a lot better after the visit to the hospital.

Viewers in his chat made sure to show their love for the iconic streamer as well, with heart emojis and kind words flooding the page.

This isn’t the first time one of Twitch’s top creators expressed how “stressed out” they are, as Mizkif recently shared how Pokimane helped him deal with his.