Asmongold responds after criticism for canceling stream over “lack of sleep”

Asmongold talking on YouTubeYouTube: Asmongold

Twitch streamer Asmongold revealed that he was canceling one of his streams to “fix” his sleeping pattern. However, he soon found himself under fire for his “unhealthy habits.”

Content creators can spend gruelling hours streaming for their viewers. Some big name Twitch stars, such as xQc, are well-known for spending an average of 12 hours a day in front of the camera.

Understandably, various creators take some time away from streaming for their well-being including Asmongold who has previously shared his worries over the toll streaming has had on his health.

Having opened up about struggling with his sleeping pattern, Asmongold announced he was finally going to take “a couple days” off from streaming to get some much-needed rest. However, one of his fans called him out for his “duality” over his “unhealthy” habits.

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Asmongold criticized for streaming habits

On July 17, Asmongold announced that he was going to take a very short break away from streaming after having had problems with getting sleep. It comes after the streamer canceled a number of livestreams due to “food poisoning” issues.

He further apologized for being “so inconsistent” in his schedule, but added: “Most days I only sleep 4 hours and wake up sick then stream anyway. It’s no one’s fault but my own.”

However, one fan fired out at the streamer for his contrasting messages over his lifestyle, claiming he boasts about his “great” lifestyle before canceling streams multiple times a week “due to lack of sleep.”

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Asmongold quickly responded claiming that he “always” makes sure to emphasize how little sleep he gets due to his way of life.

Asmongold wasn’t left to defend himself as his fans also quickly rushed to help him out against the criticism.

“Bruh he doesn’t do this ‘once or twice a week,’ it’s only been the past couple of days,” wrote one supportive fan. “Plus the previous week he got food poisoning, let the man take a few days off.”

Asmongold may have a number of long breaks in the past for personal reasons. However, this short break will hopefully not last long as he claimed he would be back streaming again by July 19 or 20.

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