Twitch streamer reveals room he hasn’t cleaned since 2005 [UPDATED]

Twitch: Jaegerrmeister

Twitch streamer ‘Jaegerrmeister‘ completely shocked viewers during his June 3 broadcast when he revealed that he hadn’t cleaned his bedroom since moving into his house FOURTEEN years ago.

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Video game players having a dirty bedroom is a common stereotype, but Jaegerrmeister beat the absolute living daylights out of that trope after he revealed just how messy his room really is.

Piles among piles of exploding trash bags, Amazon boxes, and food wrappers could be seen behind him as he began his cleaning mission on stream.

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We were watching his cleanup stream live, and asked him specifically how and why his bedroom got to that state.

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“Wait, Dexerto? Am I gonna have a fucking Dexerto article about me? What the fuck?” the streamer asked before answering our question. “Basically, I moved into this house in like 2004, 2005, and I didn’t clean it. Now it’s this bad.”

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He then realizes that popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold is watching his stream and decides to show him the mountain of trash he has in the corner of his room.

“That’s about a two meters deep of trash,” he tells the camera as he pans over to the gigantic pile, “There it is, boys.”

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The streamer also revealed that he had two trash bags full of urine, as well as a pot with mouldy mac and cheese that looked like literal feces in it, although he didn’t show much of this on stream – much to the relief of the viewers.

He later revealed that the motivations behind his massive cleanup are because it’s his birthday.

How did Jaegerrmeister’s room get this bad?

As to how his room got to this point, Jaegerrmeister himself revealed that he thinks he could have a mental disorder.

“I’d like to advise anyone who doesn’t already play WoW to avoid the game at all costs, else they have a room like mine,” he said in a private message to us.

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You can follow along with Jaegerrmeister’s epic room cleanup live on his official Twitch channel.

It’s fantastic that he’s finally cleaning up 14 years worth of mess though, and we wish him the best of luck in the future.

UPDATE, 2:20PM PST June 5:

Jaegerrmeister has actually followed through with his promise to clean up his room, and it looks absolutely incredible.

He showed off his newly-cleaned bedroom during his June 5 stream, his wooden floor breathing fresh air for the first time in 14 long years.

The transformation is truly amazing, and it’s hard to believe that his room was home to a gigantic trash mountain just two days ago.

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It must feel so good to finally be able to live in a habitable space – let’s just hope he keeps it that way.

Congratulations, Jaegerrmeister!