Asmongold says everyone was “in the wrong” after Minx Oxy medication drama

. 7 months ago
Malena and Esfand at OTK party
Twitch: Minx / Mizkif

After a bizarre drama erupted following a game at OTK’s ‘Friendsgiving’ livestream event, Asmongold has said that everyone involved was “in the wrong” in some capacity, including Esfand, Minx, and Malena.

The OTK crew and a number of other top streamers came together on November 21 for the ‘Friendsgiving’ event, sponsored by Chipotle.

During one of the games, Envy member Minx, who was dressed as the turkey, was offered alcohol by fellow streamer Malena, when Esfand jumped in and prevented it, exclaiming that Minx “can’t” drink alcohol due to medication she was taking.

The clip went viral on Reddit, with fans defending Esfand’s calls to prevent a potential medical issue, but as the furor grew, Minx responded on Twitter, claiming that the whole thing was a joke.

Minx said that it had been a running joke that she was taking OxyCodone, a painkiller, and that Malena knew about the joke.

“I’ve made it obvious me taking oxy is a bit,” Minx said on Twitter. However, given Esfand’s reaction, and the reaction of others at the party, it was clear that not everyone knew it was a joke, something Asmongold has confirmed.

Speaking about the incident on his stream, Asmon said he had later asked Minx if it was real or not out of concern.

He also argues that “everyone was in the wrong,” including Esfand, for getting involved.

“I think [Esfand] was [in the wrong]. I think all three of them were in the wrong. I think Minx was in the wrong for trying to go with the joke, Malena was in the wrong for going along with it. Esfand was in the wrong for inserting himself into it, without really knowing what’s going on. I think that they were all in the wrong.”

Asmongold continued, “The fact is, Minx is an adult, and she has the agency to make decisions for herself. And it’s not up to Esfand, it has nothing to do with him.

“I understand that he thinks that he’s helping, but it’s not his decision. It’s not his choice, and he doesn’t get to make that decision for her.”

Some fans have argued though, that as the party was in Esfand’s house, he considered it a duty of care to his guests, as he didn’t know Minx wasn’t actually on the medication. Esfand hasn’t responded to the drama yet at the time of writing.

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