Channel 5’s Andrew Callaghan explains how xQc influences his content

xqc-channel5-andrew-callaghanYouTube: xQc / Channel 5

Andrew Callaghan, the host of Channel 5 on YouTube, explained how reactions from Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and other Twitch streamers have influenced his content to an extent.

Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan is a YouTube channel that describes itself as “a completely independent, digital journalism experience.” It’s the spiritual successor to All Gas No Brakes, which the team lost control over due to a contract dispute.

In each episode, Andrew and his crew approach people at various events, including pick-up artist boot camps, punk shows, rallies, rap festivals, and more. This leads to some interesting and often hilarious interactions.

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It’s become a popular thing for Twitch streamers to watch and react to, including xQc. In a recent Q&A that featured Andrew, xQc, Pokimane, and more, he revealed how their reactions have influenced his content.

The topic came up when the interviewer asked Andrew if he liked seeing xQc watch his content. Andrew responded by looking at xQc and saying, “yeah, I’ve always liked your reactions, so thanks for doing those.”

“No, you don’t have to thank me. You make my job so much easier,” laughed xQc.

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Andrew also explained how xQc and other streamers influence his content. “You guys react fast when it comes out. So, I always know if it’s funny or lukewarm because I watch you guys react to it. I’ll be like, if you laughed at this part, it’s good. If you didn’t, it isn’t.”

He admitted that xQc, in particular, is a big help. “I know what you laugh at because you’ve reacted to every one of my videos for a year and a half. So, I watch them, and I’m like, f**k I hope he likes this part.”

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So, it turns out that the relationship between Andrew and Twitch streamers is a mutually beneficial one, at least according to the host.

Andrew’s popularity in the streaming community transcends reactions to his Channel 5 videos, though. Hasan even invited him onto his stream and their reaction to the popular “Island Boy” rap video went viral.

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