Asmongold reveals his biggest Lost Ark concern ahead of Korean MMORPG’s global release

Asmongold reveals his biggest Lost Ark concern ahead of MMORPG's worldwide releaseAmazon Studios / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold is looking forward to giving the North American version of smash-hit MMORPG Lost Ark a fair go, but admitted his biggest concern ahead of its global release is the monetization structure.

Lost Ark is an immensely popular Korean MMORPG with dungeon crawler elements that released back in 2018. However, after a controversy surrounding pay-to-win elements and loot boxes saw it get banned in Europe, it’s getting a global re-release in fall 2021.

But while many players are looking forward to it, including Asmon, he revealed his biggest concern is how the company decides to change the game’s monetization structure and admitted if it’s as bad as the version that got banned, he will quit.

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Lost Ark MageSmilegate RPG
Lost Ark’s global release isn’t too far away.

“People feel like it’s going to be super pay-to-win because it’s a Korean game, and a lot of these games don’t have a very good track record for not being paid to win,” he said, as evidenced by the fact it got banned in Europe.

For that reason, he’s “waiting to see what their monetization structure is going be on North American realms.” And if it ends up being no different from the version that got banned, then he admitted he’d “play it for a few days, realize that it’s pay to win, and probably just quit the game.”

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However, he’s willing to accept some pay-to-win elements within reason. “If the only pay-to-win element of the game is that you can play it for free, but if you pay a subscription, you can play more effectively and level up faster, I’m okay with that.”

Asmon has shown time and time again that he’s a man of his word. He hopes the developers won’t “sabotage their own game” by leaning too heavily on the same pay-to-win elements that got the game banned in the past.

But if they do, he’ll be the first person to pull the plug on his adventures in Lost Ark and move on without batting an eye.

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