Asmongold mocks Overwatch’s decision on hero names after McCree drama

asmongold mccreeAsmongold/Blizzard

Asmongold was streaming on Twitch while the news came in that Blizzard will be changing McCree’s name, after a former employee he was named after was ousted from the company.

The Twitch streamer has been all over the recent drama surrounding Blizzard, not afraid to drop his two cents on anything regarding Blizzard’s recent shortcomings.

Blizzard have confirmed they will be changing McCree’s name after some time spent deliberating over the decision, with the decision also having a knock-on effect for future heroes.

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Asmongold was live on Twitch when it broke, so naturally, he decided to chime in on the issue. Asmon had previously said that the name change would be “stupid”, and be “just performative” on Blizzard’s end.

McCree Overwatch dev firedBlizzard Entertainment
Asmongold thinks the McCree name change is “stupid.”

Asmongold reacts to McCree name change

Asmongold took the time to share his thoughts on the name change that is confirmed for McCree.

He read the company’s press release and said: “‘Moving forward in-game characters will no longer be named after real employees…’ Thank you! That’s so smart! Yes. You should’ve never done that. It was dumb in the beginning. It was stupid. It’s a stupid decision to solve another stupid decision.”

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He continued: “There’s like a tier list right, tier one is change the name and don’t say anything and I think that’s just about as even as don’t change the name. Just ignore it. Nobody thinks of this guy when they think of McCree. Whenever they think of McCree, they think of McCree. Because he’s an actual character in the game that has a story.

“I don’t really give a s**t to be honest. I think that if they change the name or don’t change the name, it doesn’t really matter to me. The only thing that I really think is cringe is changing the name and making a statement about it.

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“Nobodies like ‘oh wow, this is the name of the Blizzard guy that molested people! Oh man!’ Nobody is doing that. Just let it disconnect itself.”

Asmon clearly disagrees with the decision, stating that changing the name and making a statement about it was unnecessary on Blizzard’s end.

He followed up on Twitter shortly after: “Statement gives a virtue signal vibe.”

While it “hurts immersion” and “seems narcissistic” to Asmon, he did acknowledge one positive aspect behind the change. He wrote, “One good thing to come out of this is the removal of in-game characters named after devs/real people.”

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Now that McCree’s name will officially be changed, many Overwatch players have begun speculating what his new name will be.

Along with the name shakeup will be voice line updates and many other changes, which we will see once Overwatch 2 drops.

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