Asmongold unimpressed with WoW 9.1.5 patch: “I do not think this is a win”


Shortly after devs announced changes coming to World of Warcraft in patch 9.1.5, popular streamer Asmongold gave his own take on the update. 

While WoW patch 9.1.5 will contain a number of changes players have been asking for, Asmongold says it’s just more of the same from Blizzard. 

“They’re doing everything that people want, basically, and I do not think this is a win. I’ll be completely honest, I do not think this is a win,” the streamer told Twitch viewers. “You know why? It’s because they did the same thing in BfA, and they did the same thing in Legion.”

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Asmon did concede that this latest retail WoW update might be good itself. But, he didn’t consider it a win for the community because Blizzard isn’t actually taking player feedback into account when making the systems that need fixing in the first place.

“I will consider this a dub when we get a PTR, and a system goes on the PTR that’s bad, and players give feedback the system’s bad, and it gets changed before it goes onto live servers,” the streamer continued. “That’s what the real problem is, it’s never been that Blizzard didn’t listen to feedback eventually, it’s the time it takes them to listen to that feedback.”

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As Asmongold points out, Players have been playing the game for close to a year by the time these changes are coming out. Again, he’s all for the update itself, but isn’t convinced this patch shows any actual change from Blizzard.

“This is the same pattern that they’ve had before. They’ve had this pattern of introducing a system to the game that is dysfunctional, ignoring feedback about the dysfunctional aspects of the system, and then ram rodding it into the game,” he explained. “Then a few months later, a year later, they finally think to themselves ‘wow, maybe the players were right, people actually don’t like this.'”

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Asmongold WoW interviewBlizzard Entertainment, Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold hasn’t been shy on his opinions regarding WoW lately.

He even went on to explain his own WoW conspiracy theory: that Blizzard could be “double-dipping on the hype” of WoW expansions. According to Asmon, Blizzard purposely saves the “necessary changes” until later on to “revitalize people’s interest in the games.”

Even though there’s no evidence we’ve seen backing that theory up, Asmongold’s video is still worth a watch if you play either type of WoW, as he also goes over the latest “Fresh Classic” update coming to Classic as well.