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Asmongold calls on Square Enix to make Arcane-style FFXIV animated series

Published: 17/Nov/2021 21:51

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Asmongold talked about his desire for a Final Fantasy XIV animated show and mentioned the franchise has had success with the medium in the past.

Asmongold has returned to streaming on Twitch, which means his adventures in Eorzea have begun once again.

He was streaming on his secondary channel, zackrawrr, when he went into detail about his desire to see Square Enix expand on the FFXIV world, outside of just the MMO.

With the success of Riot Games’ new League of Legends-based animated show, Arcane, gamers have been pondering how other big franchises could benefit from a similarly styled show, with Final Fantasy being a prime example.


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Twitch: Asmongold / Square Enix
Asmongold has been streaming FFXIV since July 4.

Asmongold’s desire for FFXIV animated series

Since Asmongold began streaming FFXIV on July 4, he’s grown an affinity for the game and its story. Now, he’d like to see that story expanded into different mediums.

“I wish that they (Square Enix) would make an animated series,” he states. “‘There is?, what, Advent Child from 2007? I don’t mean that, and the f***ing movie they did in 2001. I remember the f***ing Walmart I bought Advent Children at – and when I mean I bought that, I mean I got my mom to buy that. And it was so good, man, that s**t was lit.”


A viewer in chat was surprised that Asmon was a fan of the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie, to which the streamer responded: “F**k yeah, bro, what do you mean? Hell yeah!”

With Final Fantasy having a proven track record of popular movies like Advent Children, Asmongold believes the success of FFXIV could lead to a show based on the story of Eorzea. With the Endwalker expansion just weeks away, there will be four different expansions worth of story for a potential animated series to work with, not to mention the base game story as well.

Hopefully, for Final Fantasy fans, Square Enix takes a note from Riot Games’ Arcane and deliver the show that players are craving.