xQc left shocked over Halo Infinite’s “broken” controller aim assist

xQc Halo InfiniteTwitch: xQc / 343 Industries

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left completely speechless after jumping into Halo Infinite multiplayer and experiencing the game’s “broken” aim assist.

Since Halo Infinite’s surprise multiplayer launch on November 15, players have been getting to grips with the combat and enjoying the game’s fast-paced online matches.

While on the whole, 343 Industries’ latest FPS has been well-received by the Halo community, a lot of console players have been complaining about the game’s overbearing aim assist.

Jumping into the action during a stream on November 16, Twitch star xQc immediately began to comment on the “broken” controller aim assist and was blown away with how easy it was to land shots.

Halo Infinite online multiplayer343 Industries
Halo Infinite multiplayer went live on November 15.

xQc speechless over Halo Infinite’s overpowered aim assist

Hopping into Halo Infinite a day after its release, xQc immediately joined a quick match and started taking down opponents from long-range.

While the streamer has certainly played his fair share of FPS titles, he didn’t put his lethal aim down to skill, quickly realizing that the aim assist was doing most of the work.

Appealing to his chat to look at what he was seeing, it’s safe to say xQc wasn’t expecting to land that many shots as soon as he hopped into multiplayer.

“Are you guys seeing this? Are you not seeing this?” he asked them. “Look at it! Look at it! Look!”

Describing the controller aim assist as “broken”, xQc couldn’t believe what he was witnessing after beaming down an enemy at long range without even having to aim.

“Oh my god, oh my, oh my god, look… I’m not even aiming, I’m not even aiming, I let go of the joystick, I let go of the joystick entirely,” he continued.

As Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is technically in beta, it’s safe to say we can expect some changes from 343 before the game’s official full release on December 8.

Although there’s no guarantee the devs will tweak the controller aim assist, it’s definitely a topic getting discussed a lot within the community.

Either way, it’s obvious that xQc feels the feature is slightly too strong, so it’ll be interesting to see how 343 addresses the situation.