Anthony Reeves’ rumored girlfriend debunks fan theories after Avani Gregg breakup

TikToker denies kissing anthony reevesTikTok: abisalsberg / Instagram: tiktokroomtm

The woman seen with TikTok star Anthony Reeves after his breakup from ex-girlfriend Avani Gregg is clearing up dating rumors between them as fan theories run wild.

Longtime partners and TikTok stars Anthony Reeves and Avani Gregg sparked breakup rumors in fall 2022 after they went a while without posting each other on social media.

These rumors ramped up after Reeves avoided a question about Gregg during a live stream, notably saying: “It was fun talking to y’all,” he said in the broadcast. “If you all wanna go say what’s up to Avani, you can go to her comments and talk to her… ‘Cause this is Anthony’s live, you know.”

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The two officially parted ways in late November 2022, but that wasn’t the end of their story. Mere days later, video footage surfaced appearing to show Reeves kissing another woman, as well as a photo of himself with another girl, where he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Fans assumed that Reeves had cheated on Avani due to the proximity of the photos to their breakup, but Anthony denied these rumors, saying “We broke up officially the 19th. Josh invited me out to Canada the 22nd. I didn’t cheat. I’m not a cheater.”

That hasn’t stopped fans from thinking otherwise, though, with many flocking to the TikTok account of Abi Salsberg, convinced that she must be the woman in the photo.

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TikToker denies kissing Anthony Reeves amid Avani Gregg cheating rumors

Although Salsberg admitted to being in the photo with Reeves, she denied ever having kissed the TikToker. “Yes, that’s me,” she said in a video. “I did not kiss him. I have a boyfriend. Thank you. I did not kiss him.”

“It was a 1 second photo, so all these TikToks coming out are just crazy to me,” she added in a comment.

Despite her claims, it doesn’t look like bystanders are impressed with her behavior, with many commenters taking issue with the TikToker for allowing Reeves to embrace her in their photo together.

“So why he all up on you?” one user wrote in the comments on a popular TikTok tea page, TikTokRoom. “You don’t respect your relationship? Or he don’t respect your relationship?”

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“I mean, I wouldn’t be letting another dude hug me like that with a boyfriend,” another said.

TikTok Anthony Reeves drama comments Instagram copyInstagram: tiktokroomtm

Thus far, Reeves has yet to speak out on the situation, with both he and Gregg unfollowing each other on social media — but luckily, Gregg has received support from other major TikTokers in the space amid the drama like Charli D’Amelio.