Charli D’Amelio supports Avani Gregg amid Anthony Reeves cheating rumors

Charli supports Avani Gregg amid Anthony Reeves breakupInstagram: avani

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio is showing her support for fellow influencer Avani Gregg as rumors fly that her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Reeves, possibly cheated on her.

Avani Gregg is an extremely popular influencer on TikTok with over 42 million followers on the video-sharing application.

Gregg had been dating fellow TikToker Anthony Reeves for some time — long enough that the couple had become synonymous with one another. However, this romance seemed to run into trouble in Fall 2022 when the two notably stopped posting content together.

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Things came to a head in November, when Reeves quickly shut down a live stream after a fan asked him a question about his relationship with Gregg.

“It was fun talking to y’all,” he said in the broadcast. “If you all wanna go say what’s up to Avani, you can go to her comments and talk to her… ‘Cause this is Anthony’s live, you know.”

On November 27, Reeves revealed that he had officially parted ways with Gregg after fans noticed his absence at Avani’s birthday bash — with a viral post showing him locking lips with another girl.

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This sudden revelation prompted a few big responses from Avani and her mother, who unfollowed Reeves (with Avani even deleting her photos with Anthony on Instagram).

Anthony Reeves denies rumors of cheating on Avani Gregg

Although fans speculated that Reeves had cheated on Avani, he denied these accusations, writing in a post: “We broke up officially the 19th. Josh invited me out to Canada the 22nd. I didn’t cheat. I’m not a cheater.”

The rumors weren’t helped when Avani posted a few laughing emojis to Twitter… but luckily, she’s seeing some major support from a big player in the space and one of her best friends.

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Charli D’Amelio, once the most-followed creator on TikTok, posted a photo of herself riding a jet ski with Avani, captioning the pic: “My love” amid the ongoing drama surrounding Gregg and her ex.

charli avani instagramInstagram: teatoktalk, charlidamelio

It’s clear that Charli is showing love for one of her besties during this difficult time — something that follows the star hitting back at criticism against TikTokers in a tell-all interview.

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