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AngelsKimi left embarrassed by HAchubby’s bizarre Twitch sub celebration

Published: 27/Jan/2020 14:26 Updated: 27/Jan/2020 14:30

by Andy Williams


Popular Korean Twitch streamer, HAchubby, reacted with a hilarious reenactment of a monkey after receiving gifted subscribers during a ‘Just Chatting’ stream. 

HAchubby’s rise to Twitch fame came during 2019. A successful breakout year on the Amazon-owned platform saw the Korean streamer amass a following of over 162,000

Her faithful following now continuously tune-in to keep tabs on her transition in Western culture. In fact, the popular content creator previously revealed to Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys that one of the most influential resources for learning English has been Twitch’s expansive meme culture.

HAchubby visited Disneyland with Angelskimi.
angelskimi (Twitter)
HAchubby recently documented her visit to Disneyland on her Twitch channel.

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Of course, the Korean’s vocabulary isn’t just comprised of KEKWs and Kappas. More to the point, her wholesome and comical reactions have been a focal point of her growth as a popular Twitch personality. 


And, in typical HAchubby fashion, she provided yet another hilarious response for receiving five gifted subscribers to her loyal viewers during a January 26 broadcast.

While streaming with fellow Twitch star, ‘AngelsKimi,’ HAchubby’s custom subscriber tone of dogs running across the screen prompted a bizarre reaction. 

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“Oh my, thank you for five subscribe!” the 30-year-old exclaimed in excitement while casually walking past two strangers on the sidewalk. 

However, it’d be unlike HAchubby to keep things casual… So, naturally, an off-the-cuff monkey-esque dance was performed in celebration. 

AngelsKimi swiftly interrupted her impromptu jig while repeatedly yelling “please” in a bid to stop the embarrassment. 


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Fellow streamers often fall to HAchubby’s antics, such as when Jakenbake was left gobsmacked after being subjected to the ‘boomer’ meme following an archery fail.

Nevertheless, her hilarious reaction underscores exactly why her popularity has continued to snowball into 2020.