Andy Milonakis freestyles with ASAP Rocky in bizarre viral crossover

ASAP Rocky and Andy MilonakisInstagram: andymilonakis/Jørund Føreland Pedersen

In one of the strangest collaborations you’ll see on the internet today, YouTuber Andy Milonakis is going viral for his back-to-back freestyles with rap legend A$AP Rocky.

The 45-year-old Milonakis is no stranger to viral fame, especially for his efforts in the rap scene, having built his YouTube popularity off the back of viral creations such as The Andy Milonakis Rap and G L O G A N G with Chief Keef.

After attending a yacht party in New York, Milonakis linked up with A$AP Rocky and the result is just as wacky as you’d expect.

Going back to back with their freestyles, Rocky was clearly enjoying Andy’s rapping, and there were definitely some interesting bars in there too.

andy milonakis youtube thumbnailYouTube: Andy Milonakis
Andy Milonakis is no stranger to collaborating with top rappers.

With almost 100k views and counting since posting the video on November 1, Milonakis and Rocky are seeing their collab quickly do the rounds all across the internet, even being shared by the likes of XXL.

Naturally, some of the bars aren’t exactly safe for publication, but with lines such as “And I ride beats better than an NPC hoverboard, HDMI d**ks up in your motherboard,” you can see why Rocky was enjoying himself so much.

Some fans in the replies were even suggesting that Andy’s work was better than Rocky’s, which is definitely a bold statement for one of the most famous rappers in the game.

Andy received a lot of support following the video being posted. Fellow Twitch streamer GreekGod simply replied with a ‘W.’

Meanwhile, Juicy J even reached out, advising Andy to “watch your drink.”

Needless to say, as far as Halloween parties go, Andy Milonakis might’ve had the best one possible.