xQc and Andy Milonakis get heated over Rust server drama: “You’re a sociopath”


After days of being slammed over his actions in the OfflineTV Rust server, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has made a fair few enemies in-game and on stream. His arch-nemesis now is Andy Milonakis, who, after starting a feud with xQc, hasn’t let it go, and is even arguing with his fans.

It’s fair to say xQc’s presence on the OfflineTV Rust server has garnered a lot of attention. He’s received criticism from multiple streamers, including shroud, for his focus on PvP and accusations of other streamers for stream sniping.

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The latest drama, however, occurred when he got into a feud with Andy Milonakis. xQc, who was teamed up with GreekGodx, killed Andy and looted him. Andy was not pleased and retaliated by killing Greek. When xQc found Greek’s body, he and Andy got into an argument where Andy labeled xQc a “f***ing loser” – prompting xQc to kill Andy again.

This was far from the end of it, though. The feud resulted in some of xQc’s viewers flooding to Andy’s stream to goad him.

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“You’re nothing but a f***ing username, you don’t exist in real life,” Andy said to the chat. “You’re anonymous f***ing twelve-year-old losers. Your opinion means nothing, your presence means nothing. I don’t give a f*** how many people are in here spamming, you mean nothing.”

A day later, Andy was still furious with xQc for his actions on the Rust server. He proceeded to hold live conversations with some of xQc’s viewers, in which he asked one if he was living in poverty and dissatisfied with his life.

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“I feel like, as much as you think my humor is that of a 12-year-old, I probably make more in a year than you will in your entire life,” Andy said.

“I feel like you’re angry with your station in life. I don’t care what you look like, I know poverty is ugly.”

Andy had earlier explained why he doesn’t think xQc will be getting involved with the new, roleplay-focused Rust server which is due to be released on January 7, where he accused him of being too much of a “sociopath” to want to get involved.

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“Instead of getting 100k viewers, he doesn’t wanna get 60k viewers in doing RP and putting effort into it. It’s really hard to roleplay when you’re a sociopath who never leaves the house,” he said.

“I should leave him alone, but I feel like he’s being an asshole to a lot of creators.”

xQc is yet to re-engage in the feud, with fans urging Andy to ‘let it go’.

There’s set to be a reduced number of streamers on the new server, so we’ll know more about who exactly will be involved as soon as it drops.

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