Andrew Tate slams Twitch streamers like xQc as dumbasses: “They’re f**king clowns”

Andrew Tate talking in an interviewYoutube / CEOCAST

Controversial social media star Andrew Tate has slammed rich and popular Twitch streamers as dumbasses, hitting out at the young creators who have made a fortune for themselves.

Rising to fame for his viral TikTok spread, ‘Top G’ life lessons, as well as controversy over misogynistic comments on women, four-time world kickboxing champion Andrew Tate is well known for his controversial takes online.

By now, everybody has heard of the self-proclaimed ‘Top G’ — and he’s amassed millions of followers across multiple platforms.

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The 36-year-old even dove head first into the world of Twitch, streaming with some of the top creators on the Amazon-owned platform such as Adin Ross, xQc and more.

However, Tate has been very critical of Twitch and its streamers, and now he’s slammed them as “dumbasses.”

Andrew Tate slams Twitch streamers

During a recent Entrepreneurs in Cars podcast episode with Rich Cooper, Tate was asked for his thoughts on Adin Ross and what other Twitch streamers are missing in life.

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It was then Andrew went on a bit of a tangent, slamming the young Twitch stars that have made a fortune for themselves at a young age.

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“These kids aren’t supposed to have this much money,” he said. “They’re dumbasses. They’re children. Before the internet the idea that you could become a self-made millionaire at 21 was absolutely impossible, no one would even take you seriously in a business meeting. It couldn’t be done.

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“Now it can be done. So you’re giving all these kids money and clout and attention, what do you think they’re doing with it? Dumb sh*t, gambling, drugs, buying girls presents, hanging around with h**s, stupid sh*t. They’re literally lost, their souls are lost, their hearts and minds are lost. They don’t have any experience.”

Tate continued: “They’re f**king clowns, all of them. Every single person I’ve ever spoken to on Twitch without exception is a f**king clown. None of them are serious people.”

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(Timestamp at 1:53:54)

While Tate didn’t mention any names in specific, he was asked to talk about the streamers he has interacted with, which includes the likes of xQc and Hasan. However, he noted how he still has faith left in Adin Ross — who he’s spent a fair bit of time with over the last few months.

The two have become pretty close with one another, with Adin even visiting Tate in Dubai.

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