Andrew Tate responds to social media ban by flexing huge private jet: “I don’t feel very canceled”

Zackerie Fairfax
andrew tate private jett

Although Andrew Tate has been banned from a number of the largest social media platforms, he continues to release new content as if he were never “canceled”.

In mid-August, Andrew Tate found himself in the eye of the storm as four of the most prominent social platforms issued permanent bans to the controversial creator. He would no longer be allowed to post to his millions of followers on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

But that hasn’t stopped the Hustler’s University founder from continuing to spread his ideologies online. In fact, a large portion of his audience has followed him onto these alternative social media platforms.

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Tate can be found posting to his 80k followers on Gettr and 362k followers on Rumble, platforms not dissimilar to Twitter and YouTube. And during a recent live stream on Gettr, Tate flexed on his haters showing off a private jet.

Andrew Tate doesn’t “feel canceled”

On August 27, Tate would broadcast himself to his Gettr followers as he boarded a private jet. “This how we’re doing private jets nowadays. We’re not doing none of that little brokie crypto influencer bulls**t. I’m not KSI or some… Logan Paul’s boyfriend… whatever his name is. Mike.”

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He then took his viewers on a tour of the jet showing off a private bedroom/bathroom, a living room, and multiple large seating areas. He stated, “So, this is how I’m flying today to celebrate breaking the internet.”

As he sat down, before ending the stream, he turned the camera onto himself to share a few last words with his followers. “I don’t feel very canceled,” Tate claimed. “In fact, I feel like everything is better than it’s ever been.”

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This stream took place before a viral TikTok surfaced of the ‘Top G’ throwing shade at Instagram and boarding a yacht.

And since then, Tate has gone live on Gettr multiple times showing off life experiences following his mass exodus from mainstream social media.

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