Andrew Tate starts “F**k Instagram” chant in viral TikTok, announces Croatia meetups

Zackerie Fairfax
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Despite his multi-platform ban, Andrew Tate is still appearing in viral TikToks throwing shade at Instagram, and promoting his new social media profiles.

Last week saw Andrew Tate purged from the largest social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. But the controversial figure has found a new platform that will allow him to share his unpopular views, unfiltered.

Of course, Tate fans are still finding ways to bring Andrew back onto the platforms he’s barred from. Clips of the “most famous man in the world” can be found circling Twitter, TikTok, and the likes.

In place of those services, he has jumped to Rumble, the social media platform known for its conservative-leaning user base. And a TikTok of Tate promoting his platform and throwing shade at others has recently gone viral.

Tate claps back at Instagram in viral TikTok

A TikTok posted by user barukic started off with Andrew Tate boarding a yacht and instructing a group of fans to shout “F**k Instagram” after a three-count.

“I’m on Rumble now, guys. Go to Find me on there,” Tate addressed a group of fans. His username is the same as his now-deleted YouTube and Twitch channels: TateSpeech. He has amassed 326k followers on Rumble, and his latest video has over 650k views.

In the TikTok, Tate went on to inform his fans that he would be in Croatia for a week and he would let his fans know (via Rumble) when and where they could come to meet with him.

The video closed with another “F**k Instagram” from the crowd followed by a group consisting primarily of younger males chanting “Top G” as the Hustler’s University founder left them on the coast.

The viral clip has amassed 4.7 million views, 746k likes, and nearly 10k shares. Despite TikTok claiming it will delete videos of Tate that violate its TOS, Andrew is still finding viral fame on the short form video app.

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