Andrew Tate responds bizarrely to Logan Paul fight rumors

Joe Craven
Logan Paul next to Andrew Tate

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate has responded to calls to fight Logan Paul, instead offering to buy the American a Bugatti.

Andrew Tate’s name has been flying around the internet of late, with the former kickboxer known for his forthright opinions and controversial takes.

While some, like Trainwrecks, have explained that his rise in popularity is actually borne of the dislike some have for him, he has become immensely followed on Twitch and across social media.

Recent turns in the YouTube community have seen Logan Paul offer to fight the former kickboxer, calling Tate “fat” and a “drug addict” when agreeing to a bout.

Now, Tate has responded in typically unpredictable fashion, instead offering to purchase the American a luxury car in the form of a Bugatti.

Andrew Tate claims he’ll buy Logan Paul a Bugatti in response to fight offer

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast Jet Talk, Tate said: “Everyone keeps saying Tate v Paul, Tate v Paul, blah blah blah. Listen Logan Paul’s a wrestler now I heard and I know he did a call-out video but he doesn’t have a Bugatti. I’ll buy him a Bugatti.”

Tate continued on his tangent, claiming he’d present the Bugatti to Paul at his house and use it as a gesture of friendship.

He finished: “I am a nice guy. Obviously, I am the most dangerous man on the planet but I am also a nice guy. If he wants a Bugatti he can have one all he has to do is ask. Where the f*** does he even live? Whatever, if he wants a Bugatti we can just put it on the card.”

Timestamp: 26:30

We’re not sure Logan would turn down a new Bugatti, but we’re similarly not sure whether Tate would actually follow through on his offer and gift the YouTuber a luxury vehicle.

Either way, it doesn’t appear the controversial podcaster is particularly convinced by the potential of fighting Logan in a one-off boxing match.