Andrew Tate reportedly wants two “warm up” fights before boxing Logan Paul

Virginia Glaze
andrew tate reportedly seeking two warm up matches before logan paul fight

Controversial online personality Andrew Tate is reportedly seeking two “warm up” fights before pursuing a boxing match against YouTube star Logan Paul.

Andrew Tate may have been banned from most social media sites, but he’s still itching for a fight against some of the internet’s top influencers.

Tate was notably banned from major platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube back in August after his views sparked waves of backlash against the former kickboxing champion.

During this time, prominent social media stars like KSI, Jake Paul, and Logan Paul spoke out against Tate, with Jake even giving Logan his blessing to meet him in the boxing ring in his stead.

Andrew Tate Mariah Carey
Andrew Tate has made no bones about his desire to box Logan Paul.

However, Logan notably retracted his challenge shortly thereafter, expressing worry that giving Tate another platform would allow the kickboxer “an opportunity to speak and spread his agenda.”

Despite Logan’s statement, Tate has offered to fight ‘The Maverick’ “for free” — but a new claim from KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, says that the ‘Top G’ might be getting cold feet.

KSI’s manager says Andrew Tate wants two warm up fights before Logan Paul bout

A Tweet from Taylor says that Tate wants two “warm up” fights before taking on Logan Paul, although this statement should be taken with a grain of salt as it’s currently unconfirmed.

That’s not all; Taylor also says that an offer was made — and it was decidedly not “for free.”

“Andrew Tate publicly said he will fight Logan for free!” Taylor wrote in a September 28 post. “Offer made! (And not for free). Response: He wants two warm up fights before fighting Logan.”

For now, it’s unclear if Tate will be facing off with any influencers in the future; but a bout with KSI might still be on the table after Logan’s public condemnation of a possible bout with the former kickboxer.

Despite Paul urging KSI against boxing Tate, the British YouTuber still wants to give the ‘Top G’ a run for his money, arguing that knocking him flat on his face would silence his fanbase for good.