Andrew Tate offers to fight “b*tch” Logan Paul for free

Jacob Hale
logan paul and andrew tate side by side

Divisive viral star Andrew Tate has spoken out against YouTuber Logan Paul, calling him a “bought and sold individual with no soul” after recent comments made by Paul against Tate.

Andrew Tate has become a huge viral sensation in 2022, with thousands of clips being shared far and wide and earning millions of views. The former kickboxer and self-proclaimed “top G” has made a huge name for himself online, but it’s not been without its kickbacks from others.

One person who has taken umbrage with some of Tate’s comments is Logan Paul, one of the biggest personalities on the internet as a top YouTube star, boxer, podcaster, and more.

During an episode of his Impaulsive podcast, Logan spoke about not wanting to give Tate a platform, explaining why he refused to call him out for a boxing match.

Tate followed up by calling Paul “weird” and “jealous,” but he’s gone on to speak more on the YouTuber during an episode of the Valuetainment podcast.

After being asked about Paul’s comments, the ‘Top G’ didn’t hold back.

“He doesn’t stand for anything and doesn’t mean anything he says,” Tate explained. “He will flip-flop on any issue, he can be bought and sold, the dude’s a b*tch.”

That wasn’t all, though. Tate continued: “I’ll fight him for free. The guy’s an idiot … Because he was canceled before and it emotionally destroyed him. He sat on camera crying his eyes out like a little girl, instead of being a man about it. He is so fearful of the mob, so scared of being canceled again, that he’s going to sit there and say anything he’s told.”

Andrew went on to explain that he believes there are people who “set the agenda” and they’ve chosen Logan Paul to be their counter to Andrew Tate, to try and reach that demographic of people.

He also claimed that Logan and Mike Majlak were showing him a lot of support, inviting him to places and tagging him in Instagram posts before “turning on him” after he got canceled.

There’s clearly a lot of bad blood between these two, and while Logan said he won’t call Tate out for a fight, that doesn’t mean it’s completely off the cards.