Andrew Tate dismisses cancer claims, says he’ll live “5000 more years”

Carver Fisher
andrew tate on rumble

Following widespread claims that Andrew Tate had a cancerous tumor in his lungs, the controversial influencer has denied that he’s afflicted and claimed that he’ll live “at least 5000 more years”.

The Romanian government has detained Andrew Tate for months following his arrest in late December 2022. Despite appealing for release four times, he’s yet to have an appeal granted.

However, he’s still had access to his phone and the internet during his detainment, and the influencer certainly hasn’t been quiet on social media.

In response to recent rumors and claims from his manager that Tate underwent medical treatment while in Dubai, Andrew Tate himself took to Twitter and shot down any claims that he has lung cancer.

Andrew Tate takes to Twitter to shut down cancer rumors

The rumors began after medical documents surfaced, ones that stated Andrew Tate had a lesion in the upper right portion of one of his lungs.

While Tate corroborated that he had a checkup in Dubai, he’s wholly dismissed that he has cancer, claiming that the doctors “do not understand how I survive without treatment.”

In the series of tweets, he’d go on to explain that he’s estimating he’ll be around for “at least 5000 more years” and that he won’t be going away any time soon.

After outright saying he doesn’t have cancer, Tate did mention that he has a scar on his lung from what he called “an old battle.”

He continued, calling himself “one of the most influential men on the face of the planet” and said his survival and longevity is “important for the good of humanity.”

Tate also claimed that the doctors don’t know the “secrets of Wudan,” a battle he claims “long passed.” This is in reference to The Tales of Wudan, a series of stories from Andrew Tate’s website that go over the tales of what Tate claims to be his past life where he lived “5000 human years atop Wudan mountain.”