Andrew Schulz unveils the future of Flagrant podcast with new studio

Dylan Horetski
Andrew Schulz new studio

Andrew Schulz has revealed the long-awaited new studio for his podcast, which is now simply ‘Flagrant,’ dropping the number two from the name for good. 

Over the last few years, Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant 2 podcast has amassed over 6ook subscribers. Over their hundreds of videos, they’ve achieved almost 110m views, as well.

Alongside his co-host Akaash Singh, Schulz has provided reactions to current news stories from around the world. Some even consist of internet and influencer-based content, like iShowSpeed’s Valorant ban and Elon Musk’s involvement with Twitter.

After teasing a few changes to the podcast over the last few weeks, the creator has revealed the podcast’s new studio as well as a slight tweak to the infamous podcast name.

Andrew Schulz reveals new Flagrant studio

On May 25, the crew uploaded a new episode of the Flagrant2 podcast — except now, the number two at the end of the name has been removed.

The episode begins with a clip of Andrew Schulz taking a sledgehammer to the wall of the old Flagrant studio, and walking through a tunnel of light until he comes out of the other side to reveal the new studio.

“Go ahead, help yourself. Up here,” the voice from above said.

“Where are we, what’s going on here?” Schulz replied, leading the voice above to reply: “This is the future.”

No longer will the hosts be spread apart in the room because not only does the studio feature a single-person tan-colored chair for Andrew himself, but it also has a blue three-person couch for Akaash and the rest of the crew.

It doesn’t stop there, as the studio has been upgraded to its own dedicated room with beautiful church-like tiled walls and extremely high cathedral ceilings.

Fans expressed in the comments of the video and on social media that they believe Akaash needs his own chair, as it appears “crowded” with the three hosts on the same couch. We will have to wait to see if those changes are done in upcoming episodes.

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