Fresh & Fit’s Myron Gaines challenges Andrew Schulz to fight after “talentless” remark

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Comedian Andrew Schulz put Myron Gaines of the Fresh & Fit podcast on blast, calling him “talentless” after he took umbrage over comments made on Schulz’s show. Now, Gaines wants to settle things in the boxing ring.

Myron Gaines is one half of the Fresh & Fit podcast, a show that has sparked controversy online for its hosts’ inflammatory comments on women.

In their podcast, Gaines and his co-host, Walter Weekes, aim to give financial and dating advice to young men, usually while surrounded by a group of women who they quiz on hot-button social issues or trending news.

The duo was brought up during a recent episode of comedian Andrew Schulz’s podcast after special guest DJ Akademiks mentioned they’d been asking if Schulz was “still hating on them.”

Andrew_Schulz_2022 (1)Andrew Schulz is a comedian who is now embroiled in a feud with the hosts of Fresh & Fit.

Andrew Schulz hits back at Myron Gains in Fresh & Fit feud

Akademics then explained the demonetization of their YouTube channel, prompting some laughs from the group. Akademics questioned if the hosts were “praying on” Fresh & Fit’s downfall due to their responses.

Co-host and comedian Akash Singh retorted that they weren’t the ones who brought them up, pointing out that Akademiks had asked if they’d watched their podcast.

“I’m a 40-year-old man who’s happy, why would I watch their podcast?” Singh said.

“We’re all married, bro,” Schulz added. “I only watch it when I’m fighting with my wife. I’ll be like, ‘These guys get me. These guys understand women.'”

It seems that Gaines peeped the comedians’ jokes about his podcast and wasn’t too happy about it. He shot back at them on Twitter/X, calling both Schulz and Singh “some of the biggest snakes on YouTube.”

“F*ck them and their whole team at Flagrant,” he said.

Schulz was quick to hit back in a scathing post of his own, where he threw a few choice insults at the demonetized podcast host.

“Myron you are a sensitive, talentless, bottom feeding grifter,” he wrote. “Your life’s work is renting women and regurgitating other people’s talking points. Your arms are not developed enough for the shirts you wear and your co-host is pimping you. Merry Xmas.”

Myron Gaines challenges Andrew Schulz to boxing match

Gaines shot back in another post where he challenged Schulz to a boxing match, writing, “Since my arms aren’t developed how about you stop being an internet tough guy and put on some boxing gloves? Let’s see how many jokes you can make with a swollen face.”

Thus far, Schulz has yet to respond to this challenge — but this wouldn’t be the first time the Fresh & FIt hosts have offered to put on some gloves to settle their differences in the ring.

In 2021, the two asked YouTube duo Aba & Preach to “come to Miami and box it out” with them after they had a disagreement. Preach accepted their offer… but nothing ever came of it, leading to a lasting joke that Fresh & Fit aren’t willing to put their money, or in this case, their boxing gloves, where their mouth is.

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