Andrew Schulz explains why Elon Musk should be on Twitter’s board of directors

Andrew Schulz explains why Elon Musk should be on Twitter's board of directorsYouTube: PewDiePie, Flagrant 2 Clips / Twitter

Comedian and podcast host Andrew Schulz explained why he thinks Elon Musk would be a great fit for Twitter’s board of directors following his massive investment in the platform.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk broke the internet after purchasing $2.9 billion in Twitter stock earlier this month, officially becoming the social media giant’s largest shareholder with a 9% stake in the company.

Shortly after the purchase, Musk was appointed to Twitter’s board of directors and instantly proposed some major changes to the site — including the long-awaited ‘edit’ feature.

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However, Musk walked back his decision to join Twitter’s board shortly afterwards. Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal opened up on the situation in a transparent tweet, claiming that the site will still “remain open to his input” in spite of his withdrawal.

Andrew Schulz argues that Elon Musk should be on Twitter board

Before Musk walked away from Twitter’s board, though, comedian Andrew Schulz shared his thoughts on the subject, claiming that Musk would be an excellent addition to the site’s directors.

“You want him on the board!” he argued during an episode of the Flagrant 2 podcast. “You want one of the most successful humans in history, especially in the tech sector, to be on the board of an app.”

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“He’s the best Twitter account,” comedian and co-host Akaash Singh added. “So, of course you want that guy representing your brand. …that’s the guy who should own the majority of Twitter.”

Schulz’s comments came before news of Musk’s departure from the board was made public.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Musk is interested in being on Twitter’s board despite his big investment — but it seems like he’ll have some major sway in future changes, no matter what.

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Despite questioning if the platform was “dying” right after his $3B purchase, Musk’s proposed changes could bring some life into the app, although some users — like Joe Rogan, for example — question if the board has to listen to him in terms of banning certain individuals from the platform.