Andrew Schulz explains why IShowSpeed’s Valorant ban is “unfortunate”

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Flagrant 2 Podcast host Andrew Schulz explained his thoughts on the recent IShowSpeed drama, saying it’s unfortunate that Speed doesn’t have a mentor to keep him out of trouble as he goes viral. 

17-year-old IShowSpeed has smashed through YouTube records throughout his career, gaining over half a million subscribers on the platform in just a week’s time back in 2021. However, this meteoric rise hasn’t been without a bit of controversy.

Just recently, a clip of Speed making “sexist” comments went viral on social media, prompting Riot to ban his account across all their games. He posted an apology video shortly thereafter.

Flagrant 2 co-host Andrew Schulz has explained his thoughts surrounding the recent controversy, saying that it’s “unfortunate” Speed doesn’t have a mentor.

Andrew Schulz “feels bad” for IShowSpeed

During an April 12 episode of Flagrant 2, Schulz and his co-host, Akaash Singh, brought up Speed’s recent controversy as it went viral on Twitter just days before. The duo agreed that what Speed said was “crazy,” but Andrew expanded on his thoughts.

Schulz explained: “At 17, you’re not thinking about the rest of your life… He’s probably making millions of dollars, and he made those millions of dollars saying the wildest s**t he can think of.”

One of the other crew members mentioned that it’s hard to tell if Speed is joking with his comments or not, and that the YouTuber is crossing a fine line.

“I just feel bad that it’s obvious that he doesn’t have anyone in his corner giving him ‘game,'” Schulz continued. “It’s just unfortunate… this is one of those things that makes me sad. He needs a mentor that tells him, ‘If you say these things, you will get canceled.'”

(Topic starts at 2:27 in video)

Andrew Schulz’s comments are similar to popular Twitch streamer Asmongold’s — who went on record slamming critics calling for Speed’s ban on April 7.

Speeds apologized for his comments, mentioning that he will continue to grow and get better. We’ll have to wait to see what the future brings.

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