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TikToker in tears after getting kicked out for rating baby daddy’s bathroom

Published: 25/May/2022 18:22

by Virginia Glaze


A woman rated her baby daddy’s bathroom and posted it on TikTok — and it looks like he wasn’t a fan of the video, as he ended up kicking her out over the viral clip.

TikToker Shenella Radonich drove all the way from California to Texas to visit the father of her child and documented a key part of her experience that has users all over the net chiming in with their opinions.

Initially making it out to the Lone Star state proved difficult, at first: Radonich got into an accident that rolled her vehicle, and she ended up renting a new one.


After finally making it to Texas, she went over to her baby daddy’s house, where she decided to partake in an ongoing TikTok trend.

TikToker kicked out over bathroom rating video
Instagram: shenella_radonichhh
TikToker Shenella Radonich was left in tears after her video rating her baby daddy’s bathroom went wrong.

The trend essentially gives men a “rating” based on their bathrooms. The bathroom of Radonich’s baby father wasn’t exactly stellar; there was no soap by the sink, soap scum and mold was found on most surfaces, and a wad of hair was sitting in the shower floor (alongside a slew of other random detritus).

Radonich was not impressed. “I don’t even know what to think,” she said in the video. “What the f**k. …He’s just my baby daddy, he’s not even my man. I can let other women rate it when they come over.”


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It looks like this video set off her baby daddy, as the very next video posted to her TikTok account shows a tearful Radonich sitting in a car with her child in the backseat.

“So, I just did this trend, and I was gonna clean it, but they took it the wrong way,” she said. “We literally just got in an accident, drove here from California, and they literally just kicked me and my kids out.”

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This follow-up video has sparked quite the debate in the comments section, with viewers halved on whether or not Radonich “deserved” to be kicked out of her baby daddy’s house because of the bathroom rating video.


“Wow, I just saw the video,” one commenter wrote. “You were wrong for that! Everything doesn’t belong on TikTok.”

TikTok bathroom comment 1

“I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t have exposed them like that, no matter how dirty the bathroom was,” another said.

TikTok bathroom comment 2

“They NEED to be embarrassed!” another argued. “I would never go in a bathroom like that. It takes me less than 5 minutes to clean my bathroom.”

TikTok bathroom comment 3

“Both sides learn a lesson: Clean your bathroom if a guest is coming over, and don’t record someone else [private space],” a commenter quipped.

TikTok bathroom comment 4

After sharing some text messages with her baby daddy begging her to come back home, Radonich posted a final TikTok responding to “what she learned” from the incident: “We learned to not record people’s bathrooms, even family’s. No matter how dirty it is, or clean, it’s not respectful.”


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This saga is one of the more jaw-dropping incidents to be recorded on TikTok… but we’re not sure it holds a candle to one TikToker whose therapist slept with her boyfriend.