Andrew Schulz & Flagrant co-hosts explain why Andrew Tate’s social media bans were justified

Eleni Thomas
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Flagrant host Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh have chimed in on the controversy surrounding Andrew Tate getting banned on social media, giving their thoughts on his content and how the situation has unraveled.

Andrew Schulz and his fellow Flagrant podcast hosts recently discussed their thoughts on Andrew Tate’s views and content, also debating whether or not his getting banned from all social media platforms was justified.

Hosts Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh were joined by Mark Gagnon and Alexxmedia in one of the latest episodes of the Flagrant podcast. During the episode, the four sat down to talk about influencer culture and spoke in depth about what they think is and isn’t okay when it comes to messaging and content on social media and streaming platforms.

Mark Gagon was the first to chime in on the issues. “I don’t love his content but I don’t know if he should be kicked off platforms unless he’s using the platform to do crime,” he said. “If he’s using social media to try and recruit women for a webcam thing, I could see why the cooperation would be concerned.”

He then went on to add that what he does say is “intentionally inflammatory” but is still unsure if “he’s being serious and being genuinely misogynistic.”

Andrew Schulz spoke about Tate and how the situation of his banning is a “tricky thing when someone in his position starts affecting culture and that’s probably what they’re concerned about.” 

Singh admitted that he initially “didn’t think people took it seriously” but, after hearing others online talk about how young children are catching on to Andrew Tate’s views and beliefs, is concerned about what the dialogue will be like when kids go back to school. “You don’t want to see that sh*t happen with kids.”

Singh then spoke about why he thinks Tate has gotten such a high level of coverage and what makes him stand apart from others who similarly voice and encourage misogynist views. “The thing that makes him so sticky is he is funnier than all of those guys and he’s a more unique thinker in the sense that he presents his ideas…he’s not dumb.”

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