Andrew Schulz explains why Tyson Fury is better than Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson

Comedian Andrew Schulz next to Boxing Champion Tyson FuryYouTube: Flagrant 2 Clips / ESPN

Popular Instagram comedian Andrew Schulz explained why he believes Tyson Fury is the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time and could even beat Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

Andrew Schulz gave his reaction to Tyson Fury’s victory against Deontay Wilder after the heavyweight landed an 11th-round knockout against the Bronze Bomber in their October 9 fight.

During the Flagrant 2 podcast episode, the comedian revealed the trait the Gypsy King has that would have him beating former boxing legends Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

Comedian Andrew Schulz on the Flagrant 2 podcastYouTube: Flagrant 2 Clips
The comedian shared his hot take about Tyson Fury being the greatest of all time.

Andrew Schulz claims Tyson Fury would beat Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson

The stand-up comic made the declaration after discussing the British fighter’s victory in the Fury vs Wilder III trilogy event. After praising the 33-year-old champion, Schulz argued that he could beat past legends in the sport due to height and weight.

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“I started thinking historically who could beat him, and I think Tyson Fury is the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time,” he said. “Just tell me the guy who can beat him? You’re telling me 6 foot 9 inches Tyson Fury is gonna be beaten by 5 foot 10 Mike Tyson?”

While the comedian got pushback from his podcast co-hosts, he continued his argument, and said, “Muhammad Ali, what he’s 6 foot 3, and he was probably hovering around 208 and 211 pounds when he was fighting. Fury is 277 pounds!”

(Topic starts at 6:25)

When former champion George Foreman was brought up, Schulz shot it down, pointing out that Ali had beat him. “George Foreman is the closest. But if Ali is out-boxing Foreman, imagine what’s gonna happen when a guy 6’9 is in front of him and with great foot movement, fast hands,” he explained.

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As far as who could possibly go toe-to-toe with Fury, it would be Lennox Lewis according to the Instagram comic: “He was big and tall. He had great reach and power. But if Lennox Lewis is the only one that can beat Tyson Fury, and nobody considers Lewis the greatest of all time, Tyson’s the greatest!”

While not everyone may agree with Andrew Schulz, the comic reiterated that Fury’s height and weight gives him a major advantage. “They’re so much taller then other people they’re fighting, their opponents have to take risk in order to hit them.”

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