Asmongold slams critics calling for IShowSpeed ban after sexist Valorant rant

Shay Robson

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold has hit out at those giving “unfair” backlash to IShowSpeed after a clip of the young YouTuber going off on a sexist rant in a Valorant match went viral.

In early 2022, Twitch streamer IShowSpeed was permanently banned from the platform after a sexist outburst on Adin Ross’ broadcast. Upon switching his streams over YouTube, the 17-year-old only exploded in popularity as his already growing channel received more traction than ever.

He’s amassed over 7M subscribers to date, and now, a clip showing him making sexist comments toward a female Valorant teammate went viral was brought to light on April 6.

With the community outraged and calling for IShowSpeed to be banned, Twitch star Asmongold has hit back at those giving unfair backlash to the young creator.

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Asmongold hits out critics wanting IShowSpeed banned

During Asmongold’s April 7 Twitch stream, the popular MMO streamer hit out at those unfairly attacking IShowSpeed: “Ban him in Valorant for sure, because he did break the rules absolutely. This is what people want right? They want to be able to exert power and punish people.”

“I think there’s always the idea that you have to punish the person and get down on this guy and really make him accountable for his actions and really make him feel he did something wrong. I don’t really feel like this is healthy, I don’t feel like this actually helps anybody or makes the world better. This doesn’t improve the situation with sexism online,” the Twitch star claimed.

He continued: “I think a much better story is the guy says, ‘Hey listen, I was an a**hole a few months ago. I’m a kid, I’m still learning I’m not acting like that anymore and I’m trying to do a better job, I’m sorry.’ I think that’s totally f**king fair, and for the people that think it’s not fair, I wonder what it would be like if we put a camera on what you did whenever you were 17 or 19 years old.

You’re full of f**king sh*t, you’d be canceled worse than him! Shut the f**k up,” Asmon exclaimed.

Despite apologizing for his comments and trying to explain his actions, IShowSpeed has been permanently banned from Valorant and all other Riot Games titles.

Additionally, Lester Chen, the Global Head of Gaming Creators, was made aware of the situation as the clip of IShowSpeed went viral, where he simply replied in a tweet saying “On it.” However, Speed’s channel currently still remains on YouTube, with no indication if we’ll see him suspended from the platform.